Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Deluxe Disney Singing Dolls

I happened on this evening, and spotted these gorgeous new 11" singing princess dolls for $30 each. Check them out! (pics via, naturally)

Aurora has a whole forest full of little animal friends to keep her company. The scale on poor Owl there is hilarious, though.. not in the least because it implies Prince Phillip is a former member of Snow White's seven dwarves! As you can probably imagine from her owl friend, she sings Once Upon a Dream.

Merida's got a nice array of weapons, including her signature bow, a target full of arrows, a hand axe and a small flail. Her three transformed brothers look like they make a table or something. I really like this version of Merida's tournament dress, it's got so much less glitter! Merida is NOT a glittery princess, she's a battle-axe one. This set gets that right. Instead of singing, she recites lines from the film.

Rapunzel is wearing a decently movie-accurate version of her film dress. She comes with Pascal, modeling the latest in mini-me fashion, a guitar, a small chest that opens, and an easel with palette. She sings When Will My Life Begin? and you can make her painting appear with cold water.


Oh my gosh, I have wanted a doll version of Tiana in this gorgeous dress since seeing The Princess and the Frog. I mean, look at her! Tiana comes with a gorgeous dress and matching shoes, her restaurant flyer, a serving fork and wooden spoon, colander, kissy-faced Frog-Naveen, and a gumbo pot. It's a little hard to see in the pic, but she has a white feather in her hair, too. Tiana sings Almost There, and apparently you can "magically" stir her gumbo pot. Not sure how that works.

Of all these dolls, I really want this one. Oh my gosh.


  1. Sleeping Beauty is the only one of these whose movie I've seen and I was a wee little kid. This was way back before videos existed and Disney would rerelease their movies in the theaters so I saw it in the 70's. I think this is the only one I would want for sentimental purposes. With all her friend it's exactly like having a scene from the movie. That's one of my favorite songs too and I still sing it.

    1. I remember seeing re-releases of The Aristocats and Bambi as a kid in the 80s, it was so weird to realize later that those were not new films at the time! I love that they're moving the Disney Store dolls away from "glitter-vapid" and into more quality-oriented, play-centric items that are truer to the characters. Honestly, I'd love to have all of these gals, but the price point is a little high to be a completionist for them imo.

  2. Oh, loved that dress. Especially the gold straps. So pretty. :)

  3. I agree tiana looks AMAZING! Her accessories are great, especially that pot and naveen, lol his face cracks me up! :)