Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ginny by Vogue Dolls

When my mom was a little girl, she apparently had a Ginny doll. I don't know which one it was, only that she had dark hair and my mom gave her away to a friend who was moving as something to remember her by.

Very sweet, right?

Well, years later, mom saw a doll at an antique store and indicated to me that she'd had a doll almost identical, and wanted to know how much that the store was asking for it. They wanted $200. I nearly died laughing, since mom had been complaining earlier that very day about how my Barbie dolls weren't going to be worth anything since they had missing shoes, stained clothing, torn clothing, and in some cases, they didn't even have their original heads.

We'd seen a "Western Fun" Barbie similar to one that I'd had as a kid at the last store, and mom was convinced that I had ruined the value of it by doing pretty much everything I just described. Meanwhile, mom still had Ginny's older sister and some of her clothes, shoes and accessories.

Anyway, we discovered a gift shop a few months later than had the Ginny dolls. Spotting one that looked similar to mom's long-lost doll, I insisted to dad that we should get it for her birthday. Mom ended up returning that doll and getting a different, prettier one. She also picked up another doll as an "investment". Well, I don't know where Ginny's sis is, but I've now got her two boxed dolls. These toddler-type fashion dolls aren't really my thing, but it could be interesting to take a look.

The box on the left has pretty obvious UV damage from where it sat on the shelf in mom's office for years. Here's a closer look at the dolls.
 Sweet Rosebud has a matching dress and hat, and red hair.
This doll is the "prettier" one that mom exchanged the doll we originally bought for. She's supposed to be inspired by Monet's "Bridge Over Water Lillies". While I think Rosebud has a simple side to side twist joint in her neck, Lillies actually has a bit more motion to her head. I was easily able to angle it to the side a bit, but it pulled back into a more neutral position when I let go.
She even comes with a little replica of the painting.

The local thrift has had a 50% off everything sale going for the last part of June, and as you can imagine, I've been there every day, salivating at the idea of finding something really cool and paying even closer to nothing for it. The only thing I ended up finding was a Strawberry Shortcake doll, and then as I was debating how badly I wanted to get it just for her shirt/bolero, I spotted a familiar-looking box.
Mom would have had a fit. Since this little gal was marked $4 on one side of the box and $5 on another, I'm not sure what I paid for her, but it couldn't have been more than $2.50. She's obviously been opened and displayed in the past, which meant that I could check out a doll similar to mom's without actually having to pull one of them off their card.
This pirate has already been out pillaging, it seems. She has a patriotic bag and a gold necklace in her box.
Thanks to whoever re-boxed her tying the wire around her legs too tight, her stand now makes her look like she's in the music video for Smooth Criminal.
Her outfit has several pieces, and seems to be mostly for display, not play. The sleeves of her vest have unfinished edges.
This is a problem they share with the decorative ribbons on her fake boot tops.
She has little black Mary Janes with molded on bows, which I guess were a pretty standard stock shoe for the line, going by the similar shoes packed with this fashion pack. (Also mom's)
I think Rosebud's shoes are from this same mold, as well. Lillies seems to have fabric slippers.

Without the boot tops, you can see Ginny's nicely finished pants cuff, and get a better view of her knee-high stockings.

Ginny's blouse closes with two buttons, which hold the bodice together with loops of elastic thread over the buttons. The ribbon sash is stitched to the front of her pants with a few stitches. Her heart-shaped eyepatch is very loose on her, and can be brushed back away from her face like so.
Undressed, you can see that she has only five points of articulation. I'm not sure how typical this doll is, but she has very soft vinyl. I was able to pop her head off and back on easily with a gentle tug. At least she can wear her (possibly stolen) necklace now.
She has a little pot belly, and you can see that her vinyl has several discolored spots.

Her maker's mark says 1984, but the box has a copyright date of 1988. That's interesting, considering that's the same date as what is on Lillies' box.Pirate Ginny and Lillies Ginny are very different dolls. Lillies has nicer feeling hair (Pirate has TERRIBLE, straw-like hair), her vinyl feels to be of better quality, and her clothing (as best as I can tell without deboxing her) is made better. Sheesh, and look at this rooting. That's just awful.
Another interesting thing is that if you look at the boxes you'll see that these two dolls, made in the same year, each claim a different "created by" date. Weird.
Lillies says 1951.
Meanwhile Pirate says 1937. What's the deal?

 Rosebud's box stays out of the debate with a vaguely-worded statement delivered in the first person.

The fashion pack claims the 1951 date as well. Whatever Ginny, be however old you want.

Side view of the boxes.

Opposite side view.

The all-American duffel is cute. It closes with velcro. Maybe this is a piece from another doll?
These gals are probably going back into storage. Rapunzel's glad to know they won't be stealing her shelf space!
I did make one last find before the month ended, though. I found a couple of McFarlane Walking Dead figures for $3 each at Walmart. I may or may not be planning to strap the Governor to a rocket and blow him up. I originally thought I would mod Andrea into a Carol... but now I hear that they're coming out with an official Carol figure. (yay!) I guess I'll hang onto Andrea for parts. I hear these figures are really delicate.


  1. The mini-painting is a nice touch. I'd keep that.

    1. Oh definitely. I actually kinda like that doll, as well. Sheesh, she's got a mane of hair, though!

  2. Good price on TWD figures!

    The Ginny pirate is interesting - I don't collect them myself, but I have an aunt who does, and the ones I've seen undressed have a slightly different body. I wonder how often they changed those out?

    1. I was amazed to find them at that price! I don't care for either of the charas, but I figure that I can use them for parts or something. Or just blow Philip up. XD

      Hm! That' interesting that the bodies were different! I know that mom's "older sister" doll was a harder plastic instead of soft vinyl like the thrift store doll. I'm a little tempted to debox and undress mom's dolls to compare them. Thanks for the intriguing insight!

  3. When I was at the doll show with my mom, she saw a doll she had as a kid and I was all, "Let's get it!" Then I got close and saw the price of $500+. Then I was all, "Nope!"

    Did you come into doll collecting because of your mom? Do you two do doll stuff together? Like does she help you with your stories and photo shoots?

    1. Ha ha, well my dad likes to say "it's only worth that if you can find someone willing to pay it". Maybe you could find one to fix up and gift your mom via ebay?

      My mom and I had a tense relationship, especially when it came to toys. Toys have always fascinated me, and she was very much of the mindset that other than one or two especially precious keepsakes, they should be left behind when you reached a certain age. If she could see my house now...! XD She changed her opinion after the first Toy Story movie came out.. to an extent. We never collected together, though.

      I was never really "into" dolls in particular until I discovered the multi-jointed dolls like BJDs and such. They were always way out of my price range, though. Once Liv and Monster High showed up and started making jointed, unique, customizable dolls affordable, I was hooked. I've always love miniatures, and mini-characters are so fun! I actually have more dolls now than I've ever had in my life! Considering that I always thought of myself as a tomboy, that's taken some getting used to! :D

      Mom's not with us anymore, but I doubt she'd be into the photoshoots and stories. I've wondered what kinds of stories she'd come up with for her dolls and such as a kid. I should do a post about her Toy Story collection and her childhood dolls that are still here.