Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Better late than never? June in the Backyard Adventure

So for some reason I thought that we had another week of June left. Obviously, I was mistaken. Anyway, I'm so MAD at myself for this! I was planning to take some pics with the new baby jaguar at the zoo Friday, but.. well.. Maybe I can use that for something else.

Anyway, in the spirit of "better late than never", here's the most outstanding feature of MY own backyard, the ever-expanding great wall of catnip.

As you can see, not even anthropomorphic plastic kitty dolls are immune to its power. I think Cheri is swooning! I can't blame her, the aroma is pretty powerful when you're downwind.

...These dolls can no longer be in reach of my cats. Ever.

Actual interesting post later. Happy 100 posts, me!