Wednesday, June 4, 2014

TRU/Tuesday Morning Clearance Shopping!

Okay, let's face it. If we wait for me to get pictures made of all these Barbie clothes before doing anything else, we'll be here all month! Just so that I can say I made progress though, here's Rapunzel, strutting it in one of our new acquisitions.
Designed by: Daphne Blake of Scooby Doo fame! (Or that's how it looks to me, at least! I just wanted to brag a little on another kind of awesome haul I made this past weekend! Clearance shopping! I spent about $45 at Toys R Us and Tuesday Morning. And HOW!

Oh. My. Gosh. I lost my mind. Most of this is from Tuesday Morning, the Oz and La Dee Da doll are all I bought at TRU. The La Dee Da doll is one I've had my eye on since hearing that their clothes fit Monster High. I was pretty sure that dress would look amazing on Nii. (While the colors look great, sadly the dress doesn't quite close over her butt. I'm trying to come up with a solution to that debacle now.) At least I only spent $6 to find that out.

The most I spent on anything was for the Oz dolls, which were marked down so that they were only $8 each! If they'd had a Glinda, I'd have gotten her, too. So far, these two ladies are my favorite thing I bought this trip. Especially for the price!

Unboxed, it's obvious that they share the "big head" syndrome that the Oz doll himself had. Oz couldn't join us today, because Taeyang Willy Wonka has stolen his suit and is refusing to give it back. (drama!) These ladies have seven points of articulation, the neck, shoulders, elbows, and hips. They have solid plastic legs, so bending their knees isn't possible.

Theodora volunteered to give you an idea of their range of motion. This is as far as they can do a side splits, bend their elbow, and raise their arms straight out. They can do a front to back split like champs, though.

Theo's blood red coat has, unfortunately, left a little stain on her shirt's shoulder. Be careful when removing her coat, as it is stitched loosely to her pants on both sides. What I thought was more staining on the blouse...

Actually turned out to be her painted-on undergarment. Evanora has one on just like this, but in black.Check out Theodora's face, though. Doesn't she have an incredibly sweet face? I like her as a doll much more than I liked her in the film.

It has interesting, sort of embroidered-looking detailing that goes all the way around the edges.

Theodora's boots. Are. Amazing. Look at all that detail! I think these are my favorite part of her outfit.

Taking them off reveals that her pants are actually constructed like pantyhose. This is really nice, and means that you don't have to worry about her pants legs bunching up around her knees when you put her shoes back on.

Rapunzel really enjoys Theodora's hat.

Evanora's outfit has fewer pieces, but is no less impressive. Her layered gown is covered in black glitter, which (spoiler alert) sheds when you handle it. The mermaid skirt of this thing was fastened to the box back with several tiny black plastic staples.

Evanora's hair comes covered in gel, unlike Theodora's silky, loose hair. (note; Theodora's head isn't fastened to the package backing with plastic staples like her sister's was.) Evanora has a decorative hairpiece sewn to her head, which is a gold headband with feathery bits of fabric covered in glitter. She also has an antiqued-looking plastic emerald necklace.

Evanora's boots are less elaborate than her sisters. As you can see, her dress isn't lined, but it's very nicely made with generous seam allowances.

I find myself seriously considering re-bodying Evanora onto one of the Liv dolls I got at Tuesday Morning, and having her be Rapunzel's mom the queen. They do look a little bit alike.. don't they?

Since we're showing off shoes, these are what Rapunzel's wearing right now. They're a pair of the sandals from one of the Only Hearts Club fashion packs up there. As you can see in close-ups, they are actually a bit too small.. but they look okay at a distance.


  1. Wow, $45 for that many dolls? Impressive!

    1. The Liv dolls were an especially amazing deal, they were just $12.12 including tax for all four!

  2. Eh, Evanora kinda looks like Rapunzel, but her facial expression doesn't look nearly as nice as Punzie's mom. Straight on she looks kind of aloof, and from the side she looks pretty stern.

    1. Hm. True. Short of buying (yet another) Rapunzel to rehair/repaint, I'm not sure I'll have another chance for a Punzie-mom. XD

    2. She can be Nega-Mom! Or Crazy Aunt! XD