Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kitty Surprise, ca 1992

The thrift shop is having a half-off sale until the end of the month, and I've been losing my mind at the failure to find anything I want for that price break. I did end up making a purchase this week, though! I found some McDonald's pokemon figures, and added to my Monster High doll Heath Burns' pokemon team.

Trainer Heath would like to battle you! Trainer Heath's pokemon would like to battle each other!
I added a pikachu, wobbafet and a meowth to the collection, so now I can start staging some battles! In addition to these three pokemon figures, I found a Reshiram bottle cap figure missing it's base (it'll be some cool doll size decor!), and a weird hot pink stuffed cat. My total, including tax, was $.55, since I had one bag of toys and the half off sale was in effect.

I think she looks kind of like Snarf from the ThunderCats.
I didn't realize it until I was standing in line (probably because I never owned one as a kid), but this is a Kitty Surprise doll by Hasbro. I vaguely remember the commercial for Puppy Surprise, and was aware there was a kitty variation, but I didn't realize that any of them were so... PINK! I was initially having second thoughts about buying such a pink cat (even if she does have gorgeous eyes), but discovering that there were kittens in her was the tipping point. I HAD TO KNOW how many kittens and what those kittens looked like!

Poor Kitty came with some weird stains on her neck, but the good news is that some scrubbing with soapy water has gotten most of them off.
It's not all gone yet, but it's a marked improvement. Now let's get to it. How many kittens were in Kitty Surprise? Drumroll, please!


Did you guess SIX!? I know I sure didn't! I counted three for sure when I noticed you could open a belly compartment on the momma as I stood in line, and figured that four was the biggest possibility. Were there supposed to ever be this many, or did some kid have two of these sets and cram some extra kittens in one momma? Almost all of the kittens have some surface dirt on their vinyl heads and bean bag bodies, but they're stupidly, stupidly cute.

I mean LOOK at that! Isn't it ridiculously adorable?

The kittens all have tush tags, but momma kitty's tag is actually inside her belly lining.

One of the kittens has no ribbon collar, which appears to be the intended way to gender these little guys and gals. 

Since there are several different kitten headmolds, they have lots of personality. And this little mostly-white kitten sort of looks like a rat with his pink tail.

Some have headmolds that imply lots of fluffy headfur, while others appear to have a sleeker, shorthair likeness. Compare the two pink kittens and you'll see what I mean.

This is the wide-eyed expression I remember from kittens with newly-opened eyes, lol!

"You'll never know for sure, will you? Mwa ha haaa!"

I notice that it looks like the pink collared kittens have more pronounced eyelashes, so mystery kitty is probably supposed to be a boy.

I think my favorite kitten is this one, he looks so much like Finn! With a little surface cleaning, these kitties will be a lot of fun. Not bad for $.55! It looks like this is my 99th post! I'll have to think of something special for my next one. Or maybe I'll just post this picture really big:

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Finn's a big brother!


  1. aww that last pic of Finn with his mini twin is the cutest!

    I remember the commercials for the 'Surprise' toys went "there could be 3... or 4... or 5!" so you definitely got some kind of kitten jackpot.

    1. I bet the little grey kitten was from a different set, then, since he's the only one without any pink (other than his nose) on him. How funny that there was an extra one!

  2. The only way that could be cuter is for that to be a real kitten being forced into pillowness. XD

    1. If Finn was still a kitten, it would be cuter, lol!

  3. That last photo just might be the cutest thing I've seen in my life!

    1. Poor Finn, he was too tired to do anything to cuddle in that pic!