Saturday, June 14, 2014

Giddy-up, Liv horses!

I think it may have been a review at Toy Box Philosopher's blog that put the Liv horses on my radar. At any rate, I now have two! Say hello to Walnut and Nutmeg!

"Whinny" (Translation: "Ohai!")
When I was a little girl, I (like many of my peers) was fascinated by horses. There was a field behind my family's house that had a few old mares in it, and I was forever trying to befriend them. I had a veritable army of brushable plastic ponies, some My Little Pony toys, some Barbie-size, and some miscellaneous ones that just happened to catch my attention. In fact, most of the reason for the dolls I owned as a child was that my horse army needed caretakers.

Horsies cannot, after all, brush or dress themselves. Horsies do not have thumbs.

I'm not sure what the attraction is between little girls and horses. I think it may have something to do with the combination of grace and power that they present. Huge animals, running around on those long, sometimes almost spindly legs like it's no big deal.

Anyway, back to these particular horses. They came from eBay in different lots, and I paid about $20 with shipping for each of them. Neither of them was NIB, and they're both missing a few pieces from their original set ups. Nutmeg, the palomino, came with her saddle, bridle and reigns, ribbon barrette, saddle blanket, a bucket, curry comb, a little purse that I'm pretty sure is for a doll to use, and a bag of grain.

Walnut, the bay, came with his saddle and his rider.

These horses are goodly sized for playscale doll horses.

Not quite one Finn-monster in height, actually. This is already pretty cool, considering how underscale most "1:6" playscale toy horses are. The coolest thing though? Take a look at the neck and legs! These horses can POSE!

Standing! Here's Walnut with his head lowered as far as it will go, while Nutmeg as hers raised fully.

Being spooked by a sudden lighting change and galloping away! Bad Finn! No pulling down the curtains!

Walking over to check out the baby dragon who snuck in! Toothless, you're not in this! Bad dragon! But most impressively of all, you can have...

Epic horse-battles to the death! My money is on Walnut, he looks like a biter.

This versatility is AMAZING, but it does have a downside. It can be challenging to get the horses' legs to allow them to balance just right. And sometimes, even when they are standing, they'll have a decided lean to their stance. These two have so much more character thanks to this feature, though. Just check out the difference a change in head position makes:

As you can probably tell by my pictures, Walnut is my favorite of the two. I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a stallion, while Nutmeg is a mare. I base this on ONE observation:
Walnut doesn't have eyelashes, while Nutmeg does.
In fact, I'm pretty sure Nutmeg wears mascara. Maybe she's born with it, or maybe it's Neighbelline.

Another neat detail which they both share? They have horseshoes sculpted and painted under their hooves!

Rapunzel heartily approves of the new additions to the local fauna.

Very much so. Maximus may get jealous at this rate!

Here's a closer look at the leg joints. Oddly enough, the bodies are not symmetically sculpted. The front and back legs will extend forward and back to different extents. I'm not sure why this was done.

The witch sisters are trying on some new clothes today while I try to figure out how to rebody them. (The Liv body idea? Total bust.)

Here's an interesting detail I missed before, though! Theodora has a sculpted-on ring! Her sister doesn't share this feature.

In fact, it was new outfit day all around for the Barbie-size dolls today, using pieces from the big $5 lot.

Punzie's outfit today combines a pair of capri's from that lot with Theodora's top and her OHC shoes.

I sure hope Rapunzel knows what she's doing, letting Toothless drive...


  1. For some reason I can't quite fathom, I have been wanting to get Toothless and Stitch in the same room for a while now...

    1. I think I can sum up why in two words: "Aloha, cousin!"

    2. Yeah... yeah I believe you're right. XD

  2. Wow, those horses truly are AMAZING as you said. The detail and versatility ... just so cool. Spin Master sure knew its stuff. I'm really sorry they gave up LIV for those La Dee Da.

    1. I'm debating on whether to start shopping for the third horse in the series so I'll have them all, ha ha! I wish I'd been collecting Liv when it was still out. It's so disappointing to keep discovering awesome stuff that's not available anymore!

      Actually, I think La Dee Da is already sunk too, Muff. I haven't seen anything new out of them since... the Target exclusive Art dolls? I wonder what will replace them?