Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kitty Surprise, ca 1992

The thrift shop is having a half-off sale until the end of the month, and I've been losing my mind at the failure to find anything I want for that price break. I did end up making a purchase this week, though! I found some McDonald's pokemon figures, and added to my Monster High doll Heath Burns' pokemon team.

Trainer Heath would like to battle you! Trainer Heath's pokemon would like to battle each other!
I added a pikachu, wobbafet and a meowth to the collection, so now I can start staging some battles! In addition to these three pokemon figures, I found a Reshiram bottle cap figure missing it's base (it'll be some cool doll size decor!), and a weird hot pink stuffed cat. My total, including tax, was $.55, since I had one bag of toys and the half off sale was in effect.

I think she looks kind of like Snarf from the ThunderCats.
I didn't realize it until I was standing in line (probably because I never owned one as a kid), but this is a Kitty Surprise doll by Hasbro. I vaguely remember the commercial for Puppy Surprise, and was aware there was a kitty variation, but I didn't realize that any of them were so... PINK! I was initially having second thoughts about buying such a pink cat (even if she does have gorgeous eyes), but discovering that there were kittens in her was the tipping point. I HAD TO KNOW how many kittens and what those kittens looked like!

Poor Kitty came with some weird stains on her neck, but the good news is that some scrubbing with soapy water has gotten most of them off.
It's not all gone yet, but it's a marked improvement. Now let's get to it. How many kittens were in Kitty Surprise? Drumroll, please!


Did you guess SIX!? I know I sure didn't! I counted three for sure when I noticed you could open a belly compartment on the momma as I stood in line, and figured that four was the biggest possibility. Were there supposed to ever be this many, or did some kid have two of these sets and cram some extra kittens in one momma? Almost all of the kittens have some surface dirt on their vinyl heads and bean bag bodies, but they're stupidly, stupidly cute.

I mean LOOK at that! Isn't it ridiculously adorable?

The kittens all have tush tags, but momma kitty's tag is actually inside her belly lining.

One of the kittens has no ribbon collar, which appears to be the intended way to gender these little guys and gals. 

Since there are several different kitten headmolds, they have lots of personality. And this little mostly-white kitten sort of looks like a rat with his pink tail.

Some have headmolds that imply lots of fluffy headfur, while others appear to have a sleeker, shorthair likeness. Compare the two pink kittens and you'll see what I mean.

This is the wide-eyed expression I remember from kittens with newly-opened eyes, lol!

"You'll never know for sure, will you? Mwa ha haaa!"

I notice that it looks like the pink collared kittens have more pronounced eyelashes, so mystery kitty is probably supposed to be a boy.

I think my favorite kitten is this one, he looks so much like Finn! With a little surface cleaning, these kitties will be a lot of fun. Not bad for $.55! It looks like this is my 99th post! I'll have to think of something special for my next one. Or maybe I'll just post this picture really big:

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Finn's a big brother!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Giddy-up, Liv horses!

I think it may have been a review at Toy Box Philosopher's blog that put the Liv horses on my radar. At any rate, I now have two! Say hello to Walnut and Nutmeg!

"Whinny" (Translation: "Ohai!")
When I was a little girl, I (like many of my peers) was fascinated by horses. There was a field behind my family's house that had a few old mares in it, and I was forever trying to befriend them. I had a veritable army of brushable plastic ponies, some My Little Pony toys, some Barbie-size, and some miscellaneous ones that just happened to catch my attention. In fact, most of the reason for the dolls I owned as a child was that my horse army needed caretakers.

Horsies cannot, after all, brush or dress themselves. Horsies do not have thumbs.

I'm not sure what the attraction is between little girls and horses. I think it may have something to do with the combination of grace and power that they present. Huge animals, running around on those long, sometimes almost spindly legs like it's no big deal.

Anyway, back to these particular horses. They came from eBay in different lots, and I paid about $20 with shipping for each of them. Neither of them was NIB, and they're both missing a few pieces from their original set ups. Nutmeg, the palomino, came with her saddle, bridle and reigns, ribbon barrette, saddle blanket, a bucket, curry comb, a little purse that I'm pretty sure is for a doll to use, and a bag of grain.

Walnut, the bay, came with his saddle and his rider.

These horses are goodly sized for playscale doll horses.

Not quite one Finn-monster in height, actually. This is already pretty cool, considering how underscale most "1:6" playscale toy horses are. The coolest thing though? Take a look at the neck and legs! These horses can POSE!

Standing! Here's Walnut with his head lowered as far as it will go, while Nutmeg as hers raised fully.

Being spooked by a sudden lighting change and galloping away! Bad Finn! No pulling down the curtains!

Walking over to check out the baby dragon who snuck in! Toothless, you're not in this! Bad dragon! But most impressively of all, you can have...

Epic horse-battles to the death! My money is on Walnut, he looks like a biter.

This versatility is AMAZING, but it does have a downside. It can be challenging to get the horses' legs to allow them to balance just right. And sometimes, even when they are standing, they'll have a decided lean to their stance. These two have so much more character thanks to this feature, though. Just check out the difference a change in head position makes:

As you can probably tell by my pictures, Walnut is my favorite of the two. I'm pretty sure he's meant to be a stallion, while Nutmeg is a mare. I base this on ONE observation:
Walnut doesn't have eyelashes, while Nutmeg does.
In fact, I'm pretty sure Nutmeg wears mascara. Maybe she's born with it, or maybe it's Neighbelline.

Another neat detail which they both share? They have horseshoes sculpted and painted under their hooves!

Rapunzel heartily approves of the new additions to the local fauna.

Very much so. Maximus may get jealous at this rate!

Here's a closer look at the leg joints. Oddly enough, the bodies are not symmetically sculpted. The front and back legs will extend forward and back to different extents. I'm not sure why this was done.

The witch sisters are trying on some new clothes today while I try to figure out how to rebody them. (The Liv body idea? Total bust.)

Here's an interesting detail I missed before, though! Theodora has a sculpted-on ring! Her sister doesn't share this feature.

In fact, it was new outfit day all around for the Barbie-size dolls today, using pieces from the big $5 lot.

Punzie's outfit today combines a pair of capri's from that lot with Theodora's top and her OHC shoes.

I sure hope Rapunzel knows what she's doing, letting Toothless drive...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

$5 Deal at the thrift store

What I've discovered when dealing with the local store is that it's not the amount of stuff you buy, it's what it's in when you buy that determines how much it is. For example, the $1/Walmart bag deal, vs. the $10/case deal.

This deal came packed in a big plastic tub, and I almost told them I didn't need the container to save a buck or two. But like mom said, you never turn down a reusable plastic container that comes with a lid!

Here's what my $5 bought:

Furniture and pets! The crib is missing a leg, but is otherwise in nice shape. The cat and dog have a surprising six points of articulation, each. All four legs, plus their heads and tails. I think they were part of a Barbie vet set? The little school desks are pretty cute, but I'm not sure what I'll use them for.

Accessories! I'm not sure what all these pieces are from, but I think there are a few vet set bits and bobs in here as well. The shoes, surprisingly enough, pretty much all had mates!

Proof! The pair to the right is a set of ice skates that are missing their skates. Don't feel bad, prior-owner child. I did that to mine, too.

Outfits! I think I have these paired up correctly...?

Shirts! (and a jacket or two) Apparently Barbie went through a phase where she wore clothes with her friends faces printed on them. I find this really weird as a concept.

Shiny... stuff...?

Pants and skirts!

Dresses! and a purse.

Shiny swimwear!

Babies. Including two EXTREMELY large babies. I think they went with the desks. Holy crap though, look how huge those two are.

Ken jackets/shirts...

MORE Ken jackets/shirts...

MORE Ken clothes...

And some Ken accessories. Awwww snap. A firefighter helmet? I'll warn you all, I have a firefighter coat someplace, and we WILL be seeing hot firefighter Eugene Fitzherbert at some point!

And lastly, DOLLS! I'll probably keep a couple of these, like the redhead on the end. She's adorable. Weirdly enough, the cheerleader in the jacket has inset eyes!

She's either cute or spooky, I'm not sure which. Definitely not a Barbie, though.

The store threw in a boxed doll they had in the back, for $1, since I was carting out all of this stuff! I'm not familiar with the Swappin' Styles dolls. I think they're the ones with the removable heads, though?

So that's my haul of the moment, which I'm still sorting through. Lots of the clothing has stains, so I'm going to have to wash it all before I decide for sure what I'm keeping. I've got a few dolls that are going to be donated back to this store (or maybe a different one so that they don't try to sell the same stuff to me twice!), and I think I'm going to get some baggies so I can pack a dressed doll and maybe an extra outfit with them. Dressed dolls definitely get adopted faster than nudes, it seems.

Some of these clothes are just too "80's/90's trendy" for my collection, but as a bonus outfit with a donated doll, I think they'd find a new home easily.