Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Kitty Interlude

Got some fakie Catwalk Kitties thanks to an awesome gal over at the MHArena! They came on cheaply made Monster High replica bodies, but I knew I wanted the calico gal on the spare Catrine body I had so that she could have a tail.

I was hoping that the Howleen I found at the thrift for $1 would look nice with the redhead, but the skin tone was really far off in hue, so instead she's on a Clawdeen body. (Poor Coffin Bean Clawdeen! You're still my favorite 'Deen, but the kitty needed your body more!) I'm a little curious if the CAM "nocturnal" body would be okay with her, but I think it's waaaaaay too glow-in-the-dark orange.

I was so excited to get these gals rebodied and dressed up last night that I took a really, REALLY bad picture. I was also so excited that I was a bit careless with the blow dryer, and made poor Callie's hair a little bit crispy. It's not really nice hair fiber, so I may look into rerooting her in the future. Since I missed these dolls when they were out, I'm just excited to have them in my collection, though! Better pics (and the rest of that lot of Barbie stuff) to come! (Just as soon as I find my camera again....!)


  1. Who's dress is the calico wearing? I love that dress...

    1. That's one of the dresses that came with "I <3 Fashion" Scarah Screams. (Toys R Us exclusive) That's where the shoes came from too. I bought some of Scarah's stock awhile back, but it never really suited anyone until now. XD

  2. That's what Blade wore to Myron and Marli's wedding. Mikal almost swallowed his teeth. XD

  3. Hi Presto! What is your name on the MH Arena? I'm on there as Wuvmykitties.

    Speaking of kitties, I love your CK hybrids! They are so cool. I got some CK heads from Aliexpress. 6 of them are already rebodied, 2 are waiting on yellow bodies (the 2 yellow CK heads) and 2 CK heads I've yet to acquire. I've also got some CK fakies coming in the mail.