Thursday, May 22, 2014

$10 of "Barbie Stuff" photo shoot set (Set #2)

So I need to take a closer look at some pieces from the "$10 of Barbie Stuff" posts, and what better way than with a couple of photo shoot posts? I'm not going to try and take pics of everything, just some of my favorites, but if you're curious about something you saw in one of the previous posts, let me know and I'll take some shots! After Finn crashed (literally) my last attempt, I thought I'd give it another go.

Let's check in with Anna, first of all. I've currently got her arm glued loosely back in the socket with some plastic/vinyl glue. That's obviously not going to hold for long. I've wondered about trying to do an elbow replacement using an older Disney Store Belle that I got at the thrift shop, but I'm not sure if it's possible to open up the sections of the arm without destroying it and/or stabbing myself in the hand. (If there's a way to break something while injuring yourself, I'm the person to discover how to do it!)

Anyway, Anna is in the most flare-legged jeans I've ever seen for a Barbie-style doll. I think she looks pretty good in a sort of Bohemian style, don't you?

Elsa, meanwhile, is trying out the Esmerelda dress and a pair of shoes from this lot. I was a bit disappointed to discover that the corset was sewn onto the dress crooked. :( Well, the price was right, at least. The shoes (I think) are Skipper's, and are actually a bit long for the current Disney Store princess' feet, but the narrow width means they stay on decently.

Elsa is just gorgeous. And she's a ham.

 Style!Raquelle is trying on the older-style Barbie dress. Wowza, are those some powerful, poofy shoulders on that thing! It just baaaaarely closes around her, and the fit of the bodice isn't that great on her.

 I mean, check out the gap between her shoulder and the shoulder of the dress!

From some angles though, it looks pretty okay. 

Since Anna's arm is broken, Rapunzel has swiped the puppy shirt. Even with that pulled place on the front, it's still pretty cute.

Rapunzel's amassing quite an army of little critters. It's honestly getting worrisome. I blame the fact that I don't have a Pascal for her. She's trying really hard to compensate for him.

Anyway, let's get back at it. Dreamhouse!Raquelle is in a Valentine's-themed dress with lots of sparkles and a big shiny heart sequin on the waist. (I think I'm going to rename at least one of these girls. Dreamhouse!Raquelle looks more like a Jenny or a Rikka or something to me, what do you guys think?)

I tend to really hate glitter on doll clothes, but it's not bad on this dress. I didn't find any shed glitter at all. It's also nice that the fabric matches all the way around.

Nothing to say here, other than "KITTTTTTTIES!"

Taking a break for just a moment from the origin story for the clothing we're looking at, here's Ever After High Cupid, sporting her new dress. This is a Moxie Girlz dress, which I've cinched a bit in the back so it will fit a bit nicer. Her belt is from her signature stock, as are her stockings. The heels are from a Barbie Stardoll.

I love this on her. Her hair really makes the hibiscus flowers on it POP! I've been intending to show this dress off since getting it back around Christmas. Hi, my name is "Procrastination"! Anyway, that's it for set #2. About this time, I got to wondering where Finn was. When I turned around, this is what I saw...

 A fat cat, laying in the floor looking depressed. Awww.. He got cuddles and perked right up.

And now, an outtake! 

That chick from Game of Thrones can eat her heart out. The mini Toothless here is from one of the (not-really) blind bags for How to Train Your Dragon 2. There are two poses of Toothless, so of course, I got them both.

One pose of Toothless is spread-winged with a "normal" tail, the other has upraised wings and tail, with the red tail fin prosthetic on it. They make nifty little mini-dragon pets!


  1. Anna's jeans look amazing! Now go cuddle with your cat, he breaks my heart!

    1. Those are the craziest jeans! I think they really suit Anna, though. XD Oh, Finn has been hugely spoiled now, he's been leaping around and getting into everything. He got a brand new bed today, and he's been rolling around in it with his own cloth doll. XD

  2. I like Elsa's dress. It makes her look like an Icelandic gypsy. I like the name Rikka too. I've never heard it before.

    1. I love that dress, it's actually the piece that made me decide to buy this lot of stuff, lol!

  3. Elsa looks great in Esmeralda's dress! Wow! My Elsa is now eyeing my Esmeralda... I don't think Esmeralda's willing to trade, though. :)