Monday, May 5, 2014

$10 of "Barbie Stuff", part one

I've finally been to the local thrift store enough that, even though they don't all know my name, they know what kinds of things I'm willing to buy. So this past Friday, when I walked in, I was greeted with "You like Barbie stuff, right?" by one of the nice ladies who works there.

She'd just gotten a couple of boxes dropped off, did I want them for $10? Yes. Yes, of course I did.

I didn't buy this mess sight unseen, I took a quick look and upon spotting one thing I'd pay $10 for, said yes to the whole thing. As you can see by Anna and Finn, it's a big bundle of stuff. In the interest of time, I'm not going to mention the stuff that I've sacked up to put on dolls I'll be donating, or the broken/ripped/otherwise destroyed stuff that I tossed. Anna will be my lovely assistant! (Doesn't she look nice in that Stardoll dress?)

In the plastic lunch box we have: HAIR! A few Lady Lovely Locks pixietails, a barrette with some hair decor, a porcelain doll wig, and... is that an Ariel scalp? Eeeeek!

The larger box has... a LOT of stuff. Let's get into that later.

NO, Anna. Later. You know better than to be messing with magic, anyway!

This carrier/wardrobe is pretty nifty. I wish the latch was still in good shape, because this thing would be incredibly handy for toting these gals and their stuff around in. Let's see what's in drawer #1!

Lots of clone doll shoes! There were a ton more that didn't have mates.

There was also a really spiffy hat.

A few odds and ends in the next drawer, including a purse, shopping basket, bridal veil, and some combs.

Next up: PURSES! And a few belts. And... what's that black thing, a mesh fanny pack? Ew.

Next! Looks like this drawer is mostly swimwear. Why is it that the tops seem to be the parts that go missing first? Oh well. There are also a few pair of undies.

We also found a Celtics jersey!

And Anna insists that this is now her shirt. Hopefully I can fix the pulled spot on it for her. :(

Last but not least, we have the suitcase, which is full of dresses! Yay, so glad to own Esmerelda's dress again! The little suitcase is in rough shape, but it's pretty neat. I think I'm going to fix it up and use it to carry stuff in.


  1. I'm seriously considering getting you one of those big multi-compartmentalized duffell bags that sewing/crafty people use for Christmas...

  2. So cool! I wonder, which is the one thing you saw worth 10$ that made you buy all the boxes?

    1. You'll laugh, but it was actually the Esmeralda dress. I'd been ebay-stalking doll dress lots that included it for weeks, and couldn't quite justify that I was going to be spending almost $10 with shipping for that and pretty much nothing else that I was interested in at all. And then I also saw that the Genie's lamp was in here... so... XD

    2. I'm not laughing. I even have no idea which dress you're talking about. The genie lamp is pretty neat, though. Will you post a follow-up where dolls try these on?

    3. Oh! It's the one with the purple skirt and the blousy white top with the faux blue corset on it. Ha ha, I'm a Disney animation nerd. XD

      I'm sure going to try to! Hopefully that will happen soon.

  3. The little you've shown us so far is totally worth $10! Feels like you went on a treasure hunt and came back with lots of goodies.

    1. This is the majority of it, the small case with all the little stuff is all that's left. I was definitely amazed at the luck of being there at just the right time to intercept this haul before it went out on the sales floor, though!

  4. Looks like Cinderella's rags is in the same suitcase as Esme's dress...