Saturday, May 31, 2014

MH fakies at Gordman's

Spotted these two fabulous creatures while shipping today. :)

Someone tell this gal to lay off the spray tanning!

This one comes with a fake Frankie dress.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

$10 of "Barbie Stuff" photo shoot set (Set #2)

So I need to take a closer look at some pieces from the "$10 of Barbie Stuff" posts, and what better way than with a couple of photo shoot posts? I'm not going to try and take pics of everything, just some of my favorites, but if you're curious about something you saw in one of the previous posts, let me know and I'll take some shots! After Finn crashed (literally) my last attempt, I thought I'd give it another go.

Let's check in with Anna, first of all. I've currently got her arm glued loosely back in the socket with some plastic/vinyl glue. That's obviously not going to hold for long. I've wondered about trying to do an elbow replacement using an older Disney Store Belle that I got at the thrift shop, but I'm not sure if it's possible to open up the sections of the arm without destroying it and/or stabbing myself in the hand. (If there's a way to break something while injuring yourself, I'm the person to discover how to do it!)

Anyway, Anna is in the most flare-legged jeans I've ever seen for a Barbie-style doll. I think she looks pretty good in a sort of Bohemian style, don't you?

Elsa, meanwhile, is trying out the Esmerelda dress and a pair of shoes from this lot. I was a bit disappointed to discover that the corset was sewn onto the dress crooked. :( Well, the price was right, at least. The shoes (I think) are Skipper's, and are actually a bit long for the current Disney Store princess' feet, but the narrow width means they stay on decently.

Elsa is just gorgeous. And she's a ham.

 Style!Raquelle is trying on the older-style Barbie dress. Wowza, are those some powerful, poofy shoulders on that thing! It just baaaaarely closes around her, and the fit of the bodice isn't that great on her.

 I mean, check out the gap between her shoulder and the shoulder of the dress!

From some angles though, it looks pretty okay. 

Since Anna's arm is broken, Rapunzel has swiped the puppy shirt. Even with that pulled place on the front, it's still pretty cute.

Rapunzel's amassing quite an army of little critters. It's honestly getting worrisome. I blame the fact that I don't have a Pascal for her. She's trying really hard to compensate for him.

Anyway, let's get back at it. Dreamhouse!Raquelle is in a Valentine's-themed dress with lots of sparkles and a big shiny heart sequin on the waist. (I think I'm going to rename at least one of these girls. Dreamhouse!Raquelle looks more like a Jenny or a Rikka or something to me, what do you guys think?)

I tend to really hate glitter on doll clothes, but it's not bad on this dress. I didn't find any shed glitter at all. It's also nice that the fabric matches all the way around.

Nothing to say here, other than "KITTTTTTTIES!"

Taking a break for just a moment from the origin story for the clothing we're looking at, here's Ever After High Cupid, sporting her new dress. This is a Moxie Girlz dress, which I've cinched a bit in the back so it will fit a bit nicer. Her belt is from her signature stock, as are her stockings. The heels are from a Barbie Stardoll.

I love this on her. Her hair really makes the hibiscus flowers on it POP! I've been intending to show this dress off since getting it back around Christmas. Hi, my name is "Procrastination"! Anyway, that's it for set #2. About this time, I got to wondering where Finn was. When I turned around, this is what I saw...

 A fat cat, laying in the floor looking depressed. Awww.. He got cuddles and perked right up.

And now, an outtake! 

That chick from Game of Thrones can eat her heart out. The mini Toothless here is from one of the (not-really) blind bags for How to Train Your Dragon 2. There are two poses of Toothless, so of course, I got them both.

One pose of Toothless is spread-winged with a "normal" tail, the other has upraised wings and tail, with the red tail fin prosthetic on it. They make nifty little mini-dragon pets!


I love Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, so I was really excited to see that toys for the new film are popping up, like new baby dragon figures from Spin Master.

The back of the package is pretty similar to the earlier mini dragon packs, with a big pic of Toothless and small pics of all the dragons released so far, including the dragons from the upcoming film.

Let's play "spot the new dragons"!

Aww.. Aren't they just the cutest little death-mangling monsters?!

Like previous releases, once more.. Both sides of the wraparound on the blister card feature Hiccup's shield, one side is emblazoned with the Berk dragon training academy name.

Toothless has just one point of articulation, his neck, but stupidly high levels of adorability more than make up for that. 

Just a whisker under the $5 mark (before tax) at Walmart!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

$10 Worth of "Barbie Stuff", pt 2 (disaster)

Right, so previously, I bought $10 of assorted "Barbie Stuff" from the thrift store here in town. What's left isn't a huge amount, and honestly I don't think most of it is even Barbie.

I think that shirt in the lower right is from a Bratz mini doll, and I'm not sure about the rest of it. I'd really hoped that the purple satiny top by the Bratz mini shirt would fit MH, but it's just not *quite* big enough. There's a couple of Kelly/Chelsea/whatever the youngest Barbie sister's name is dresses, a Bratz top with a cat on it, a pair of Barbie shorts, and a horse blanket. I'm not sure what the rest of this stuff came from, but none of it that I've tried will fit MH/EAH.

There was also a handful of miscellaneous props, including the Genie's lamp from Aladdin.

And a bunch of Barbie-size hangers. Personally, I never had much luck trying to hang Barbie's clothes on these things. They're just too flimsy.

So, other than a couple of pieces of Polly Pocket Disney stuff, that's pretty much it for the $10 finds. I really wanted to show some of the cute stuff that was in this lot off, so here's a couple of pics of a few dolls.

Style Raquelle liked this pet-themed Barbie top and a pair of white capris.

Elsa wanted to try on this Spring-y rose-themed dress, even though it's a little big in the bodice for her.

Rapunzel claimed this green dress, and looks ridiculously stinking adorable in it. 

Anna got rather daring with this low-cut mini dress, and her sister made her wear a jacket with it.

Dreamhouse Raquelle (these girls need different names!) grabbed a top with blue roses on it.

And then disaster struck! Anna was knocked to the floor and suffered a broken arm! I'm trying to figure out a way to salvage the joint, but for now, Anna is in dolly ICU.

The perpetrator doesn't even have the decency to look ashamed of himself, but has been repeatedly told that he is a BAD, BAD CAT. I'll have more pics (with or without Anna) soon.

In other kitty news, the rebodied Catwalk Kitty fakies are settling in.

And they've even made friends with the cat-monster who isn't a force of destruction and mayhem!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Kitty Interlude

Got some fakie Catwalk Kitties thanks to an awesome gal over at the MHArena! They came on cheaply made Monster High replica bodies, but I knew I wanted the calico gal on the spare Catrine body I had so that she could have a tail.

I was hoping that the Howleen I found at the thrift for $1 would look nice with the redhead, but the skin tone was really far off in hue, so instead she's on a Clawdeen body. (Poor Coffin Bean Clawdeen! You're still my favorite 'Deen, but the kitty needed your body more!) I'm a little curious if the CAM "nocturnal" body would be okay with her, but I think it's waaaaaay too glow-in-the-dark orange.

I was so excited to get these gals rebodied and dressed up last night that I took a really, REALLY bad picture. I was also so excited that I was a bit careless with the blow dryer, and made poor Callie's hair a little bit crispy. It's not really nice hair fiber, so I may look into rerooting her in the future. Since I missed these dolls when they were out, I'm just excited to have them in my collection, though! Better pics (and the rest of that lot of Barbie stuff) to come! (Just as soon as I find my camera again....!)

Monday, May 5, 2014

$10 of "Barbie Stuff", part one

I've finally been to the local thrift store enough that, even though they don't all know my name, they know what kinds of things I'm willing to buy. So this past Friday, when I walked in, I was greeted with "You like Barbie stuff, right?" by one of the nice ladies who works there.

She'd just gotten a couple of boxes dropped off, did I want them for $10? Yes. Yes, of course I did.

I didn't buy this mess sight unseen, I took a quick look and upon spotting one thing I'd pay $10 for, said yes to the whole thing. As you can see by Anna and Finn, it's a big bundle of stuff. In the interest of time, I'm not going to mention the stuff that I've sacked up to put on dolls I'll be donating, or the broken/ripped/otherwise destroyed stuff that I tossed. Anna will be my lovely assistant! (Doesn't she look nice in that Stardoll dress?)

In the plastic lunch box we have: HAIR! A few Lady Lovely Locks pixietails, a barrette with some hair decor, a porcelain doll wig, and... is that an Ariel scalp? Eeeeek!

The larger box has... a LOT of stuff. Let's get into that later.

NO, Anna. Later. You know better than to be messing with magic, anyway!

This carrier/wardrobe is pretty nifty. I wish the latch was still in good shape, because this thing would be incredibly handy for toting these gals and their stuff around in. Let's see what's in drawer #1!

Lots of clone doll shoes! There were a ton more that didn't have mates.

There was also a really spiffy hat.

A few odds and ends in the next drawer, including a purse, shopping basket, bridal veil, and some combs.

Next up: PURSES! And a few belts. And... what's that black thing, a mesh fanny pack? Ew.

Next! Looks like this drawer is mostly swimwear. Why is it that the tops seem to be the parts that go missing first? Oh well. There are also a few pair of undies.

We also found a Celtics jersey!

And Anna insists that this is now her shirt. Hopefully I can fix the pulled spot on it for her. :(

Last but not least, we have the suitcase, which is full of dresses! Yay, so glad to own Esmerelda's dress again! The little suitcase is in rough shape, but it's pretty neat. I think I'm going to fix it up and use it to carry stuff in.