Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Meow Plushie

I've been watching the anime series Space Dandy on Toonami. Love the series, but it's odd narrative style, random 4th wall breaking humor and all-genders fanservice could put some people off.

Anyway, I came to the realization that I needed a plush of the cat-like alien "Meow" in my life.

Meow character design sheet
The series is still pretty new (it simultaneously premiered in America and Japan in January), so there's not much merchandise available for it yet that I've found. And certainly no plush. I made a very, very simple plush of the plushie character Pokota from Slayers Re:Evolution-R when that came out, so I wondered if I could actually make one of Meow. He's a lot more complex than the few, simple shapes that made up Pokota! For the sake of simplifying matters some, I decided to try and emulate the style of the Japanese end theme.

End theme animation (Japan)
With the ears/antennae to consider, this design was still pretty complicated compared to the rather flat Pokota I'd made. I decided to omit Meow's clothing for now, and just work on the body. Here's what I came up with:
Front view
He has a lot of problems, honestly. His eyes are too far apart (and too small), his antennae aren't oriented quite right, his neck's too short, arms too long, body too chubby and he's a little pigeon-toed, but for a first attempt, I don't think he's too terribly bad!
Back view
His tail is probably way too long, as well. The biggest accomplishment I had was managing to make his "star mark" on his back. (Well, that and actually making something that's almost recognizable as the character from scratch!)

Odd, spacey markings!
He's pretty good-sized, too! I'd say he's roughly one Finn in size:
Everyone loves cuddling with Meow!
As it turns out, that's a really good cuddling size, ha ha! I'm brainstorming ideas for how to improve the shape of his head, and then I'm going to buy some more fleece and take another stab at this guy. If I can get a good basic Meow made, then I guess I'm going to be trying to recreate his weird sarong-jumper and I'll start looking for American Girl-sized crocs.
They're not even the right size...!
Seriously Meow, crocs were NEVER cool. Why would you wear those?


  1. Honestly, his body looks fine to me; slighty chibi but that's normal for a plush. I just think his head needs to be a bit bigger, maybe.

    1. I think making the body smaller would alleviate some of the small head problems. He's definitely too chubby, though. By the time he has clothes, it will be REALLY apparent.

    2. I suppose. I guess it could go either way, really; make a larger head and end up with a great big plushie, or a smaller body and get just a average-size plushie.

      I'd go with whichever would be less work. ^^

    3. You know me, I'll manage to make it way more work then it has to be, get frustrated and quit on it for half a year, lol!