Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Adventure: March

A long time ago, well only a little over 100 years ago, there was a guy. This guy built himself a tiny, two-story cabin out in the rolling hills of Arkansas, perched just a little above a babbling brook.

But the man and his family moved away, and then back again, and then the man passed away. His family scattered to their own homes, up the hills and further beyond.
Time was not at all kind to the little cabin, and though it stood for over a century, held up by carefully hand-worked beams and sad little additions so that it could be used for storage when the property changed hands, the roof finally blew off of the little cabin, and the weather and time began to decay the little cabin in earnest.
Even the stairs began to rot and collapse in on themselves, as the rain and the wind dug their claws into the little cabin. And that is where our story ends and begins. One of my ancestors built this little cabin, and I had the opportunity to visit it during the last weekend in March. It's fading fast, and the current property owner is probably going to knock it down soon.

Elsa and Rapunzel came along, but they discovered quickly that there was not a lot to do way out here, where AT&T's cellphone service doesn't reach.

There was a good deal of very steep hiking, though. Elsa took a look around. She originally wanted to investigate the old cabin further...

...But eventually decided that she didn't want to get in the way of the non-doll people present.

Rapunzel fell out of a tree, and was "grounded" to the car while everyone else looked around. She insists that the tree moved, but both Elsa and I are skeptical.

Mostly, we just wanted to keep her from running off to explore the bigger, nicer old ruin a couple of hills over from where we were.
She sulked about that pretty much the whole way home.

It was a pain to find this place, but I'm glad I went and checked it out. This area was a wilderness rather than a cow pasture back in the day, and even today it's rather frightening to realize that you could be one empty tank of gas away from civilization (read: the one gas station for MILES) while no hope of calling for help. There are horror movies based on this concept, you know? But it is such beautiful country, I can't help but think I'd like to stay there for a while.


  1. That last picture....

    Now ELSA has the magic glowing hair!

    1. Instead of healing magic, it creates a magic mobile air conditioner!

  2. You are quite the bard and I enjoy the way you weave a tale.

    An aside, uhm, does Elsa have a driver's license?

    1. Thanks, Muff! It was pretty amazing to think that my great (x7 or 8) grandfather built that original building by hand, that's for sure. Meanwhile, I do well to write my own name legibly..

      One of the perks of being a queen is that you don't need a driver's license! XD Now if only she could reach the pedals or see over the steering wheel...

  3. That's pretty darn awesome that you know the history of that little house so intimately!

    I love that Rapunzel fell out of a tree and was grounded. LOL. She's such a character. Elsa was very considerate to stay out of the way... those old houses can be unexpectedly dangerous, so I'm glad she didn't try anything daring and crazy... like Rapunzel probably would have! XD

    Also, I can't remember if you know or not... but feel free to add a teaser pic to the Adventuerer's Blog:

    (Really, you can add the whole post if you want to, but if you just add a teaser pic and a link, then everyone still comes here to read the whole story which will help more folks see your incredibly cute blog :) )

    (If you let me know the email you have associated with blogger, I can add you as an author and you can add your adventures for the month whenever you like!)
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    1. Ha ha, thanks, Heather! I actually know only a little about it, I wish I knew more and that I'd had chances to take more photos. Poor Rapunzel, she almost fell into a cow pie. After that, she (and Elsa) were much less adventurous. (It was a very close call)

      I'm not really sure how to add a teaser. (I'm fairly net illiterate, sadly) I have been just emailing my pics from my represto@gmail(dot)com email address. :3