Sunday, April 6, 2014

Style(?) Starz doll

I scored big at the resale store this weekend.

Yeah... I went a little nuts. I was especially giddy to find the Liv fashion pack. I asked the store owner's wife if they had any more, but she said that she had cleared out the store room herself that morning. (darn!)

This should keep me in goodies to dissect for a while (except for the Monster High fashion packs, those are going to new happy homes), so let's take a look!

I've been tempted by the Bratz Style Starz dolls before, hoping that their wigs would fit and look good on the couple of Liv dolls I have. They looked like they were about the right size, after all.

The back of the box shows the other dolls in the line, and has a "collector card" that you can cut out and keep if you want. I remember seeing all these dolls in our store except the one with blue hair. All of the dolls apparently came with giant platform heels, and a microphone that plays a unique song. 

The doll and extra wig are attached by about a million threads sewn through their hair on the back of this card. It was NOT easy getting them loose. There's also a tiny brush, which I'm not even going to bother cutting loose. Goodbye, tiny useless brush!

Even though Cloe has added a foot of scale height via those shoes, she's still not quite tall enough to sing directly into that wobbly microphone.

I thought that maybe she was supposed to stand on the microphone platform and use it as a doll stand, but she absolutely cannot stand unassisted. Not sure how much of that is the doll's fault, the KISS-inspired shoes' fault, or the giant hair's fault. All three combine in a perfect storm of "Not Standing Up, Ever".

Let's take a look at the wigs, though. Since the wig on the doll seemed to be really well-seated, I thought maybe it had an anchor like Liv wigs.

I was mistaken. So what was holding it on so tightly?

Plastic staples. Three of them. That's also what was holding the spare wig to the base.

 Minus the staples, the wigs stay on okay, but not fantastic.
Cloe still can't stand unassisted. Meanwhile that huge wig looks like a 50's B-movie monster, coming to devour her.

Alexis looks pretty good in it, though. A note about that microphone: it doesn't stay well in that stand at all. The slightest touch and it will leap from that perch and swan dive into the floor.

The wigs do stay on pretty well, though.

I think this two-toned wig looks pretty great, too.

Meanwhile, removing Cloe's jacket reveals... Oh my. Oh. My. And I suppose that there's only one thing left to do now that we're down to the clothes portion of the program...

Ree: "I OBJECT!"
Oh.. Um, sorry folks, we seem to have a party crasher. Well Ree, I typically do let Nii crash these things and steal the doll's clothes... It's sort of how these things go.

Ree: "But... Just look at this! It barely counts as clothes!"
Nii: "Ree, you need to go back to your hair appointment. Seriously."
Ree, did you really charge over here in the middle of your haircut? Go back. Go back and get finished up, then we can talk about this. If you stay, I'm going to have to insist that you do something to help out.

Nii: "Exactly. Here, hold this. I feel a musical number coming on."
Ree: "Ugh.... Can you put the coat on, at least?"

Someone with a hairstyle that regrettable doesn't get to complain about much, Ree. Anyway, as you can see, there's not a lot to this doll's outfit. The top piece is actually sewn on off-center, so on the actual Bratz doll it uh... didn't line up right. On Nii, there's enough extra material that you can sort of adjust it. Let's humor Ree and see it with the jacket.

Ree: "What the... That somehow makes it WORSE!"
Nii: "Should I take it off?"
Ree: "Could you just... CHANGE, please?"

The jacket is a bit too big for Monster High bodies, and the style is kind of weird. I'm still not sure how I didn't notice this get-up before buying the doll.


  1. Gee... 1: Ree needs hair gel SO bad; 2: He seems... unaccountably upset for some reason.... :D

    1. PS: About Ree's hair: If you cut it so that the ends are angled rather than blunt, I think it'll look better. Still gonna need gel though.

    2. I've actually tried doing that. I think gel is going to be required, though.

    3. Can't imagine why he'd be upset! :D

    4. You know, I had found the platinum blonde and yellow haired Style dolls on clearance awhile back (I think Tia's current hair and a long purple one that looks very Erina were the extra wigs in those packs) and I remember seeing this one, but I didn't have anyone that needed a black and white wig. I also don't remember EVER seeing the blue one though.

    5. Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen the blue hair one either. I've seen that doll's stock on ebay though, so apparently she was made?

  2. I saw those Style dolls at Walmart on clearance, but they must not have been low enough because I didn't even pick one up to look at it. What she is wearing under that jacket is uh... very Vegas.

    1. "Very Vegas" is a great way to put it. That doll actually only ended up costing me $5 since it was in the clearance bin at the store, but yeah... I don't know if I'll be keeping that outfit. It's pretty far outside the realm of what I typically let my dolls trot around in.

      I had to let Nii try it on though, just for kicks and grins.

  3. I was wondering- where did you get the Strawberry Shortcake dolls to use for Nii? And what brand are they? Thanks.

    1. I got a couple of them at thrift stores, and then I found some on ebay, as well. I'm not sure what brand the particular ones were that I used. Hasbro, probably? Hope that helps.