Sunday, April 27, 2014

April Adventure: Leaping Lemurs!

"We should have brought a picnic!"
Elsa has gotten a frankly enormous horse. Maximus appears rather nervous about this giant as the girls ride through the meadow. The tide of Spring has fully washed over the kingdom (or is that queendom?), and everywhere you look, the world is coming alive.With the warmer weather has come something unexpected, reports of a strange creature in the monstrous peach tree that marks the edge of the wildlands.

"Elsa... Something with glowing yellow eyes is looking at me!"
Punzie is eager to investigate, and upon reaching the monstrous tree, she leaps into action, bounding out of the saddle and scurrying up the tree. As she scrambles upwards, she spots some unexpected movement, uncomfortably close. Warily, she pauses to look inside the large hole she's using as a foothold.

"Rapunzel! Get down!"
Elsa notices the normally-energetic girl pausing, and slides from the saddle to approach the great tree. A chill bites in the wind as the Snow Queen worries for her cousin, who abruptly yelps and jumps higher in the tree.

To the girl's shock, a ringtailed lemur pops out of the den it has made in the trunk of the great tree. Curiously, it looks first up at Rapunzel, and then down again at the stunned Elsa. Rapunzel's squeal of delight initially startles the creature back into hiding, but in moments it has scurried up to perch in her lap.

"Awwww, he's barely more than a baby! Let's keep him!"
"Rapunzel, you are NOT keeping that thing."
Elsa raises herself up to the duo with a brief icy elevator, and is relieved to find that Rapunzel is fine. Despite Punzie's entreaties to try petting their furry little guest, the Snow Queen is not convinced that is such a great idea. Considerably cheered by the happy ending their investigation has produced, the girls head for home without the lemur.

Outtake: Or so Elsa thought. 



  1. Honestly, how could he NOT be named Julian?

  2. Yay! Clap clap clap. This was so fun and entertaining. Do you know the brand Elsa's horse is because it looks articulated, if there is such a thing.

    1. The new horse is a Liv horse. He's actually pretty nicely articulated! I'll have to take some pics of him and show him off a bit. He's SO much bigger than the typical "Barbie size horses", which means he's a lot closer to being true to scale. :)

  3. Hahahaha, King Julian? XD I love it... and Lemurs are sneaky, Elsa's got to watch out!

    1. I predict clashing royals-style shenanigans in the future! Fun fact: Elsa's actually standing unassisted in that last pic!

  4. I agree with Heather, Lemurs are sneaky, but I think Rapunzel takes the cake in taking the Lemur home with her. :) Love that shot with them all up the tree.

    1. Rapunzel can clearly not be trusted where leaving adorable animals in place is concerned. Thanks, the tree shot is my favorite, too!