Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Call this a LITTLEST Pet Shop?!

The crew at the local thrift is starting to recognize my spending habits. This is either a good thing or a bad thing, and I'm not sure which it is yet. Right now they're remodeling (again?), and the tiny toy section has been shuffled into storage for the most part.

After discovering this disappointment on my last trip, I was flagged down by one of the ladies who works there. "You collect little toys, right? Do you want some little dolls?"

Well... yeah... I kinda did. I couldn't tell much about the contents of the plastic tub she produced, other than it had what looked like some Littlest Pet Shop pets, some possible Barbie accessories, and a lot of stuff that I couldn't identify. But sure, why not?
 Once home, I dumped the tub out on the kitchen table (making a huge mess), and began sorting through it.

Oh hey, a tiny Cleo deNile?

And some animals.

Barbie stampers? They're heavy!

And a raygun! Neat!

Some... kind of doghouse?

Oh! And some Littlest Pet Shop critters!

A gallon or so of little animals...

And... a few more Littlest Pet Shop guys! They're not in perfect shape, but they're pretty cute, I guess.


 I mean, how many of them could there be....?

Um... Oh my...

 OH. MY. GOSH. I... I don't even know how many there ARE!

 Lots of LPS(?) food! Hope the dolls like carrots and apples...

LPS playset parts... I think?

Definitely LPS playset parts! This must be someone's whole collection that got donated?

Thankfully, I've got about 30 of these little guys heading out the door soon. (Whew!) If anyone else wants some, for the love of all that's sane, say something! (I'm drowning in these things!)


  1. Wow, that's like an attack of the LPS. I don't collect them but I have taken to watching a YouTuber who does shorts and stories using LPS. She's very, very talented and you might enjoy her antics. Who knows, you might not want to get rid of your LPS after seeing her at work.


    1. Muff, I was looking for hidden cameras after the 50th one of these little guys that I pulled out of that tub! I'll have to check out those shorts. Maybe I can come up with some ideas for the (many, many) pets who are still here? I'm a little sorry to say goodbye to the ferrets, they're particularly cute but I know the person buying them will enjoy them more than I would!

  2. Tiny Stitch!! And I like the wedding dress on that Barbie stamp; it's similiar to what I was picturing for Sinadea.

    The LPS is out to get you. Run and hide.

    1. That's a McDonald's Stitch, want him? Or the Barbie stamp? I gotta start thinning this stuff out! D:

    2. I guess so, but I'll probably just lose them. I still haven't found those Darkwing Duck figures I lost after moving out of the trailer. So much of my stuff is still in boxes from that move and the move to Eufaula; I don't know where anything is anymore.

      If you see a cheap, sturdy bookcase anywhere, I need one of those. Preferably a tall one with at least four or five shelves. It can't be more than 24 inches wide though or I won't have room for it. All Walmart has now are this flimsy "media storage" shelves for dvds and games. They can't handle my crapload of books, which is currently residing in small piles in the bedroom floor. XP

    3. Geez, I only see "sturdy" shelves at the thrift with big signs saying "NOT FOR SALE" on them. If I'd had a way to haul it, I would have bought the giant tv/entertainment center made of actual wood that I saw awhile back at Golden Rule. Ugh, I hate the pressed particle board stuff. It's so cheap and flimsy!

  3. Some of that food is from various G3 My Little Pony playsets. The carton of raspberries and the two trays of fruit, I mean. :) Just so you know.