Monday, March 3, 2014

The Revenge of Nii's Snowday (Pt 1)

Anna throws on her cloak and hat and darts out the door, having seen the fast-moving blur that is busily scampering through the night's snowfall. Nii is giddily stomping and kicking at the ice and snow, thrilled with the late-season precipitation.
"Anna! Great news! Your sister DOESN'T completely suck!"
"Um... I'm sure she'll be glad to know that..?"
The younger Arendelle royal wades cautiously out into the white stuff, calling a greeting of her own to the unpredictable creature as Nii leans down to begin scooping up an armload of the snow to build with.
"Not *completely*, but ehhh.. I still have complaints."
Nii's delight in the snowfall seems to sour once she notices that the stuff is dry and powdery. She looks up at Anna with annoyance in her large purple eyes. Anna backs away, cautiously. She has a sneaking suspicion that she's about to make the acquaintance of the largest construct that Nii seems to be able to form. With a yelp, she turns to make a break for the safety of the palace.


Immediately, a surprisingly solid snowball splats into Anna's shoulders, sending her face-first down into the ice and snow. Behind her, Nii cackles with semi-evil delight.
"This is more winter than I generally like in my face, Nii."
  Anna groans from her vantage point on the ground. This is what she gets for trying to be friendly with the weird creature. As she tries to roll her arms out from the tangle of her cloak, she hears Nii declaring her master of winter warfare and calling to the others in the palace to come out and get a face full of snow of their own.

"Oh hi, Elsa! Ohhhhh crap.
The troublesome Nii squeals in terror suddenly, darting off as a surging wave of slush and ice pursues her.


  1. Do not start a snowball fight with an ice elemental. You will not win. In fact the entire hemisphere will lose. Elsa and Abbey will be the last ones standing in a palace made of ice that uses the top of Heath's head for any cooking/heating needs.

    Actually he might not mind that...

    1. Nii has definitely made her own trouble on this one.

      Heath probably wouldn't mind that at all. XD

  2. I finally saw Frozen so I'm particularly pleased to see your Frozen Anna!

    1. Isn't it a great film? Ha ha, I'm afraid Anna might get overshadowed by her sister at times, but she has such a fun personality.