Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Revenge of Nii's Snow Day: Part 2!

Abbey is enjoying the late Spring blizzard, and has paused to observe the tulips that are attempting to push through the ice and snow. Though the yeti hates to see winter end, the prospect of getting everyone outside for some fresh air is definitely appealing. The sound of something thrashing through the growth behind her dispelled the peaceful mood, and prompted the yeti to scramble into a seated position.

"Whew! Safe! And the crowd goes WILD!"

To her surprise, Nii sprints through the underbrush and slides in next to her as if she was running for her life. An eight foot high wave of slush and snow glides past, cementing the yeti's suspicion that the troublesome imp has done something wrong.

"Say uh... Abbey... You don't have any great advice about fighting someone with ice powers, do you?"

"You have angered Snow Queen," Abbey observes dryly, and smirks when Nii's victorious grin falls into something a little more death-fearing.

"Maybe... just a little... around the edges," Nii admits, scrambling to her feet as Abbey stands. In the distance, a rumbling avalanche thunders.

"I just need you to stand in between us for a few years. You'd do that for a friend, right?"
 "D-Don't let her get me!" Nii squeals, diving behind the bemused Abbey. "I'm too young to die!"

Abbey rolls her eyes and stalks off, leaving Nii to trot behind as the snowline on the ground trembles and changes.

"What you do to make Snow Queen so upset?" Abbey asks as she takes a seat on the nearby planter.

"Oh you know.. just annihilated her sister in a friendly surprise snowball ambush.."
The dream demon seems a little too nonchalant about her answer, and Abbey shakes her head. "

"Say.. what's with the snow?" Nii asks, hooking a thumb back at the vanishing stuff. "Don't tell me Elsa's gathering it up like a giant... OH CRAP."

So saying, Nii takes flight once more, leaving a baffled Abbey to wonder what revelation the mischievous creature had. She supposed that she'd find out when the explosion happened.

Nii races for a new hiding place, only to discover that she's run right into an ambush.

"I understand you like playing in the snow?"
It was a trap! Elsa had sent Nii on a wild chase, only to make her circle around and run right where Elsa wanted her! Nii can't help but think that puffball of a dog that's taken to Elsa looks downright smug about the whole thing.

"Heyyyyy, Elsa! What's uh... new?"
Nii's nervous grin falters slightly as Elsa smiles sweetly at her. The redhead tries to edge away towards the thawing edge of the grounds as the Snow Queen considers what to do.

"I think you know what's about to happen here," Elsa responds at last.

"I'll even be a sport and give you a head start." 

Nii hesitates only for a moment before she takes off at a dead run again. The puffy white dog excitedly begins to bark as Elsa summons her magic. Elsa waits until Nii has only just reached the foot of the palace, then sends the enormous snowball forth.

In the distance, Nii yelps as she's bowled end over end by the giant projectile.

"All is forgiven, Nii!" Elsa calls pleasantly as she collects her pet and walks away.

*koff* "Super."
As she flails for purchase on the slick icy ground, Nii quietly vows that she will wait until warmer weather before pranking any of the princesses while Elsa is around.


This is probably the last hurrah of our winter weather, so I knew I had to get some shots of the gals out in it, especially Elsa and Abbey! This stuff was almost entirely ice, with a mere dusting of snow on top. (Getting enough snow together to splatter both Anna and Nii was a bit of a chore!) Here are some pics that I didn't use for this photostory:

Queen Elsa and her puppy
Portrait of the Snow Queen
Abbey looks fantastic in Disney Fairy Periwinkle's pirate garb!
Abbey, chilling.

I've been having trouble getting Photobucket, where I store my pictures, to load for me. I'm not sure if it's a traffic thing or what. Sorry for the long wait for part two of this little tale!


  1. The outfits are gorgeous, but Elsa's might need to be taken in just a bit in the waist/bodice.

    Ree's still not coming out? He's missing all the fun!

    1. That Holiday Barbie dress is rather puffy, lol. The fabric is rather thick, though. I'm honestly afraid to have it *too* tight on her, for fear of it staining Elsa. It had thoroughly stained both the petticoat on the doll it came on AND that doll.

      Ree is refusing all photographs until his hair situation is sorted out. Poor guy, who knew he was so vain?

    2. I kinda wanna see Elsa and Abbey trade outfits now. I dunno if the pirate dress would fit Elsa though...?

    3. No, no it would not. Not even close. Now that you've said that, though, I kinda want to find that Pirates of the Caribbean Barbie that came out with the 3rd movie and put HER outfit on Elsa...

  2. This post was just fantastic and it read really well too. I was hearing Abbey's voice when reading her lines.

    1. Thank you, Muff! I'll confess, Abbey is my favorite MH character, and I really love trying to write her "voice".