Sunday, March 16, 2014

Only Hearts Club fashions and Disney Fairies (+ a little bit of Raquelle!)

Awhile back, I found and bought an Only Hearts Club fashion pack with the idea to use it for my Monster High dolls. While they're a little big on Monster High, it turns out they're a pretty good fit for Disney Fairies dolls! Periwinkle here lost her pirate fairy outfit to Abbey, so she's been getting to rock this slightly odd ensemble. This really was one outfit, even though it's a slightly odd one.

The poncho is cute and pastel, but it's a bit of a tight squeeze to get it off and on over her head.
The skirt is super-cute, and the top (in my opinion) looks better on Peri when it's tucked in. On a doll with a longer torso, it would doubtless look better loose.
The top and skirt both open all the way up in the back with velcro, so they're easy to put on and take off.
The shoes end up looking rather tippy-toe on Peri's arched feet, but they fit okay. The socks are a cute touch, too.
The set also came with a pair of undies (they're a gauzy, thin white material, and Peri's painted-on panties show through them), which was a surprise.
I also got a coupon for $5 off a $20 Barbie purchase last weekend, so for the first time in decades, I bought a brand new Barbie doll! I really wanted the Barbie Style doll in the red and black outfit that they show on the back of the boxes, but wasn't able to find her. So instead, I got Raquelle. I'm not familiar with her character (haven't seen the Dreamhouse series), but her outfit was cute (and she came with a spare one!), and her smirk was endearing.
Raquelle's jacket is apparently permanently crimped from it's time in the box, which is disappointing.
 I was also rather disappointed to discover that the thin white top and tiered black skirt are not separate pieces, but one dress. The top of the dress is especially disappointing, it's so thin that Raquelle's torso joint stands out in sharp relief. The leggings are separate, however.
 She is AAAALLLLLL kinds of sassy!
I like the leggings, and left them on Raquelle when I tried the spare outfit on her. I'm not sure why her shoes are red when her dress is magenta, but whatever.

Since Raquelle was just $17, I got a cheap Barbie fashion to get my purchase up to the $20 mark. It's a simple dress (and the design is only on one side), but Elsa still rocks it. Anna looks pretty good in Raquelle's stock and Pirate Periwinkle's boots. The Disney Fairy boots fitting Disney Store princesses was a neat thing to discover!

I'm still having trouble accessing my Photobucket account, so I'm using a temporary host. Hopefully I'll have a better solution by next post. :(


  1. How do you like the Disney Fairy bodies? Is the articulation good? I keep eyeing them at Walmart and Target, but I don't want to pay full price for one.

    1. Well, in general I'd say they're okay. The articulation is a little lacking in some areas (knees and bending at the waist), but it's okay. I can do a post breaking down the articulation verses a couple of other dolls, if you'd like!

    2. If you are up to making a comparison I would appreciate it!

    3. Sure thing! Any particular dolls you'd like comparisons with?

    4. They are teen bodies right? So compared to any other teen bodies you might have or even a Fashionista. I mostly want to see how their necks look to see if they can be used for dolls with regular sized heads. Do you think you could put a regular sized Barbie head on one or do they have to have a big headed replacement like a Monster or Ever After?

    5. The only "teen" bodies I have are Ever After High, old-style Equestria Girls and Monster High, I'm afraid. I can compare with Dreamhouse Raquelle and Liv, though. I'll dig around and see what else I can come up with, too.

  2. Agh, my phone sucks! I've been hiding in the bathroom at work waiting for these pics to load for five minutes!! I may have to just wait til I get home to check this out. :(