Thursday, March 20, 2014

Disney Fairies: A little about articulation (+ bonus Raquelle!)

So here's a little about the articulation on Disney deluxe Fairies dolls. This is Periwinkle, a Pirate Fairies doll. She's going to be our guinea pig today! As a bonus bit of info, it looks like some Bratz dresses will fit the Fairies dolls pretty well! The Bratzillaz shoes, btw, fit VERY loosely.

L to R: Power Rangers, Moxie Girlz, Disney Fairies (deluxe), Articulated Bratz, Equestria Girls (1st edition)
Compared to similarly-sized dolls, Peri comes out pretty well. She has articulation at the knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and of course, her neck. The only doll in my collection at her size who measures up to that is the articulated Bratz doll body that my custom Stormer is on. I did realize after taking these pics that I have a ballerina Moxie Girlz doll who would have been good to include. (darnit) Due to how hard it is to find those dolls, I'm not sure if I should worry about the absence or not, though.

L to R: Bratzillaz, Ever After High, Disney Fairies (deluxe), Articulated Bratz, Liv
Let's make things interesting and put in some comparisons to other, slightly older/larger-styled dolls! Sorry gals, but your identities will not be protected for this experiment. Stormer, you're hanging around for this, too.

"Look what I can do!"

Peri was feeling pretty confident about her articulation, even showing off for Blonde!Rapunzel and Raven that she could rotate her lower legs all the way around and do... whatever that thing is she's doing with her arms. Raven looks justifiably concerned that she's up against a miniature contortionist. As I mentioned, for her size, Peri appears to be pretty good in terms of articulation. That said, she does have some shortcomings. Namely, her hips and knees.

The sitting up competition: Round one! Peri can only manage a decent attempt at sitting up by splaying her legs. Even at that, her attempt at sitting up is barely more upright than the articulated Bratz doll body. I'm not sure why Raven's looking splay-legged in this pic. She CAN sit with her legs together.

Sitting up: Round two! Peri is rather embarrassed by a Liv body and the standard Bratzillaz body. Poor Peri!

Peri was also thoroughly humiliated in the can-can competition, where her barely-bending knees made her only marginally better than a doll with no knee articulation at all. She can't sit in a chair very prettily, obviously.

All things considered, Peri's articulation is most similar to a Monster High or Ever After High doll, but with poorer knees.

A new challenger appears! Raquelle wants to battle! (Uh oh, Peri!)

Raquelle can kneel nicely. Peri... appears to be flopping about like a fish out of water. A for effort, Peri.

As long as she has something to lean against, Raquelle can kneel on one knee like a ridiculously photogenic champ. Peri can only come this close to replicating her pose, though.

However, Peri does have Raquelle beat in the "try to do sideways splits" department, though. Raven is similarly humiliated, only managing to barely beat out Raquelle's effort!

Another interesting question: How are these dolls for head-swapping? I found a Stardoll whose head was pretty decently matched in terms of skin tone for Peri to test with. The Stardoll heads are just a little smaller than Barbie heads, and I thought that they'd be a pretty close match to the scale of the Disney Fairies body.

Okay, you know what? get rid of the adult-looking makeup, and I think this could be passable. The head fits a little loose, but that may be because I was a little rough getting it off the original body. A little modification and some time to get used to seeing her like this, and I think this could be a pretty cute idea for a teenage doll!

That said, I put Peri's head back on. I'm sort of playing with the idea of rehairing her and making her a teenage Elsa... Hmm....


  1. Lol, it's like one of those stupid dance team movies! XD

  2. LOL, it does sort of look like they are auditioning for some kind of nekkid dance movie. Thanks so much for posting this. Even with her limitations I think that once the price goes down I will see if I can find the Silvermist fairy, at least I think that's the name of the one with black hair. I really like how she looks.

    1. Ha ha, glad to help! I think that some modification would improve the fairy doll's knees considerably. I've been comparing the necks of Peri and Raquelle, and I think that the Dreamhouse dolls at least wouldn't work for head-swapping (their necks are too wide), but with a little collar like what you did on one of your other modification projects would probably fix the wobble for a Stardoll or similar-size head.

      The fairies dolls are pretty darned cute as they are though! I've been really tempted by several of them in the past. (Including Silvermist!)