Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Victini Collection: minor update

"Hey everyone! Victini-pony here! You probably remember me from the last Victini collection update! We got a new member of the collection today! This is exciting, as the last new item added was what.. a year ago? That photostory never happened, either. Sorry about that. Anyway, the new guy was supposed to be a keychain. This was cool, because it meant that not only was a newbie coming in, he also wouldn't take up much room! We're pretty darn crowded on that shelf these days!"

"In fact, the idea was originally that if the new guy was small enough, he could join the victini charm bracelet!"

"Or worst case scenario, that he'd just hang out with the last keychain we got in, who was judged to be a little too large for charm bracelet duty."

"We were all really excited when the package came from Japan today! It was really well-wrapped! And then.. we saw the new guy..."

"He's HUGE! Just about as big as I am, if you count that macaron he's standing on! None of us has ever SEEN a keychain so big! And when you pull the macaron under him, he waves his arm! It's way more adorable than any keychain this big has a right to be!"

"I don't know where he's going to live on the shelf!"


  1. Is Victini a little jealous that the new guy is almost as big as him?

    That does seem like an awfully big key chain unless it's for one of those big rings you used to see in old movies where a castle had 30 rooms.

    1. I think he might be.. as well he might, since the similar sizes meant the new guy almost displaced pony-victini on the shelf!

      I'm wondering if maybe it was meant more as a bag accessory than a regular keychain. Goodness knows that you'd need big pockets to keep something this size in.