Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Victini Collection: minor update

"Hey everyone! Victini-pony here! You probably remember me from the last Victini collection update! We got a new member of the collection today! This is exciting, as the last new item added was what.. a year ago? That photostory never happened, either. Sorry about that. Anyway, the new guy was supposed to be a keychain. This was cool, because it meant that not only was a newbie coming in, he also wouldn't take up much room! We're pretty darn crowded on that shelf these days!"

"In fact, the idea was originally that if the new guy was small enough, he could join the victini charm bracelet!"

"Or worst case scenario, that he'd just hang out with the last keychain we got in, who was judged to be a little too large for charm bracelet duty."

"We were all really excited when the package came from Japan today! It was really well-wrapped! And then.. we saw the new guy..."

"He's HUGE! Just about as big as I am, if you count that macaron he's standing on! None of us has ever SEEN a keychain so big! And when you pull the macaron under him, he waves his arm! It's way more adorable than any keychain this big has a right to be!"

"I don't know where he's going to live on the shelf!"

Monday, February 24, 2014

Stardoll clothes and Disney Princesses

There's a store about a half hour drive away from me that buys up surplus stock from various stores and resells it at a discount. They have a strange and interesting mix of stuff. I don't know of anyplace else you can buy ceramic meerkats for your yard and Wal-Mart dvd sets. At least, no place else this close!

They also sell toys, and generally they sell them for 40% off retail. Apparently they're trying to get rid of some stock though, since they'd upped that to 50% off retail on my visit this past weekend. After sorting through the disorganized mess, I left with two prizes: A Stardoll and a Stardoll fashion pack!

Sorry for the potato picture. Next time I'll use a camera.
All together, I paid about $12 including tax for these two items. While the dolls themselves are pretty much just nigh-immobile mannequins, their clothing is nicely made. Additionally, their shoes fit Monster High dolls! As an additional bonus, the stands are decent. Not great, but decent.

This doll is one of the few I did not get a couple of years ago when my Wal-Mart just slapped a $2 price sticker on all the Liv and Stardoll stock to get rid of it. I'm pretty sure I picked her up, but just like the other Liv sleepover doll I'm certain I remember picking up, I think someone swiped her right out of my cart. Such are the dangers of Clearance Day.

It's interesting to note the difference in how the skirts from both of these sets were made. The fashion pack skirt is more traditionally made, but the skirt from the doll set has a ribbon to keep it in place, and can open up completely with the velcro going all the way down the back. I wonder why they didn't do all the skirts this way? It makes it a lot easier to put the skirt on... especially if you're trying to get them on the actual doll they were meant for. Stardoll's stiff, unmoving posed legs would NOT have gone into that striped skirt!

Rapunzel's Liv body generally fits Stardoll clothing pretty well. Except, of course, for the giant shoes. These soft rubber Only Hearts Club shoes look decent, though. This is the fashion that the doll was wearing, and I've got no complaints on how it fits. Previously, I've discovered that Rapunzel's body will be just a bit too wide, or that full length Stardoll sleeves will be a bit too short. No problems with that here, though!

The belt is cute, and keeps the pink fuzzy sweater from looking a bit... frumpy.

The top closes completely in the back on Rapunzel...

And it looks really cute, too!

The molding on the purse with this outfit is great. It almost looks like you could remove the flowers that are perched in it! (But you can't!)

Anna takes on the fashion pack outfit, and manages to pull it off, I think. Since the set's shoes didn't fit her, I left her in her own boots. I think it kind of works!

Though the gathering on the skirt is a bit... lopsided. What happened there? The top and skirt are, obviously, all one piece, which fastens in the back with velcro.

The blue bag is all vinyl, and while it could open with a little modding, I think I'll leave it as-is. The zipper detail is painted/printed on the material.

The Stardoll stands are just a bit high for the Disney Princess dolls. Anna's flat-bottomed boots exacerbate this a bit, making it look like she's floating. Considering how gracelessly she and her sister sit, though? This is an improvement.

The fashion pack also contained a skirt, a second pair of shoes, and a peach-colored purse. I found a couple of other Stardoll pieces to make an outfit out of these leftovers for Elsa. She doesn't seem to mind the mix-match nature of the outfit at all.
I've put this jacket on Rapunzel before, and the sleeves were just ridiculously long. The Disney Store Princess bodies fit the jacket MUCH better.

Elsa's Barbie heels come a lot closer to reaching the base of her stand.

The purse has a two-sided design of silvery studs, and a pair of molded tassels hang from one side. It's super-cute, and would probably match the peachy-pink dress that came in another of the fashion packs.

The skirt fits Elsa like a champ, but the top... looks a bit off. I've tried it on Rapunzel too, and well.. it doesn't fit her any better. I think this piece was just made irregular!

Elsa looks great (if washed out) in the doll set's clothing, too. I'm nearly certain at this point that Elsa can make almost anything look good.

Still washed out, but still gorgeous!

Meanwhile Rapunzel looks... off and cold in her end of this swap.

Poor Rapunzel. That fuzzy top just isn't very warm by itself!

The princesses had fun trying on clothes.

But Elsa's not swapping again for a while. You can rest easy for now, Anna!

The store only had two other Stardolls that I haven't previously bought, if they're there on my next visit, they may come home with me, too! Now that I know Elsa and Anna can wear this stuff, there's no reason not to pick them up!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

"A little sprinkling of snow is just what we needed to make everything cozy."
The Snow Queen surveys her work with a critical eye, finally smiling with satisfaction at the knee-deep banks of crystalline sparkles that cover the ground like marshmallow fluff enriched with glittering diamond dust.

"Everything looks so sparkling, clean and soft! Who could possibly find fault with-"
A horrible round of coughing takes place offscreen, prompting Elsa to turn and look for the disturbance.

"You seriously suck, Elsa."
Nii cups her mouth with a gloved hand, attempting to stifle another rough wheeze that wants to turn into a hacking fit.
"You would cover the world in winter RIGHT when I'm sick. How am I supposed to enjoy the cold, when I HAVE a cold?"
Elsa frowns thoughtfully, even as Nii coughs again. It certainly wasn't Elsa's fault that a certain mischief-loving dream demon had spent half the night rolling around in the fresh winterfall.

Especially considering that Nii had already been complaining of a sore throat.

And most especially considering that Elsa had suggested that Nii shouldn't be out in it at the time.

But before she can form a diplomatic response, Nii has already stumbled off in search of chicken soup and a warm bed, complaining about a whole day's winter "wasted" due to the inconsiderate conspiracy hatched by Elsa's whims and Nii's own health.

"Well, I suppose I can keep it around for a little while..."
Elsa sighs, disappointed and frustrated that her powers have left someone else disappointed and frustrated. She reaches a hand heavenward, sending another gentle pulse of chilly air towards the sky. Perhaps if she can keep the snow around a little longer, then the others will want to come out and appreciate it later? Maybe Nii will feel well enough to come out and play again before it's time to send it all away.

A soft whine surprises her, and the Snow Queen whirls to see someone is already enjoying her handiwork.

"You startled me! Are you out enjoying the weather, you sweet little thing?"
Elsa laughs at the comical expression on the fluffy dog's face. Clearly there are still a few who find her winter fun, even if Nii is being a brat about it. Once again giddy with the shimmering pale wonderland around them, she stands once more, smiling at the quizzical noise her companion makes.

"Oh, don't worry about her. She'll be alright. Someone with a little cold never bothered me, anyway."
The Snow Queen smiles to herself as the collie yaps in agreement, and makes a note to herself to give the self-absorbed Nii a snowball to the head as soon as the little pest is zipping around like a hyperactive lemur again.


Elsa's dress is from a Barbie date fashion pack that I originally bought for some extra clothes for Will. I originally intended to give it to Rapunzel, but Elsa grabbed it up. Her coloration (note her gorgeous lavender eyeshadow) looks fantastic with it. We've had a sudden bout of winter weather that's doused the city with an uncommonly deep snowfall. Sadly it's evaporating fast, but hopefully we'll see more soon!