Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mystixx Goth Couture Fashion Pack

Another item that I picked up awhile back and apparently never actually directly talked about is this Mystixx fashion pack. Mystixx fashion packs are rather high (about $12 each), but I knew that the shoes fit Monster High and the clothing is reasonably close. The sets also come with a wig, which was an additional incentive to check them out.
The best looking item in the box, right here!
I really like the art. I wish the Mystixx dolls (or at least the human sides of their heads) looked more like this.
 The wig has a little peg in the middle of it, sort of like a Liv wig.
"I've heard of receding hairlines, but this is ridiculous!"
The peg hole on a Liv doll is too far back to look right.
"I feel like an Oompa Loompa in this"
 Placing the wig in a more centered position is a little bit better.
"Talk about some embarrassing roots..."
This wig is made to accommodate the two-faced Mystixx dolls, and so the "back" has a pronounced part in it. I'm not sure if all Mystixx wigs are like this, but it's not a good look for Daniella.
Had to change out this dolls legs for this photo.
Here's the Sea Monster Create-A-Monster, wearing the whole outfit. The pack includes the wig, dress, shoes, a pair of stockings, and a choker necklace. Her green eyes, eyeshadow and lipstick look pretty good with this outfit! The Mystixx torso is a little wider than MH, so the back of the dress is overlapped a little.
That's a lot of different greens, all on the head.
The downside is that the hard(ish) plastic wig cap means that the wig doesn't fit very tight on a Monster High head. I've alleviated part of this problem with a Bratzillaz headband. The Bratzillaz dress looks so bad on her that I'm ashamed to show you what it looked like.
It took a lot of coaxing and brushing to try and close the "gap" in the back for the original doll's second head, but in the end it didn't look any better from behind than it did on Daniella. A hot water wash might have helped it, possibly.
"Welcome to the blank white void, how many in your party?"
I think I prefer the CAM wig that came with her set on her. Since the stockings require you to change out her legs, I'm skipping them, too. The green in the dress bodice and shoes still look great with her faceup. Due to the cost of these sets, I don't think I'll be buying any more of them at anything resembling full price. I used a 20% off coupon and even that felt a little high by the time it was all said and done. If they go on clearance though, I would probably buy a few more. Though I'd be choosy about which ones I got.
This is how she currently looks on my shelf. What a drama queen!


  1. Really like the dress and stockings but that price seem pretty steep. It does seem better quality than Mattel though.

    1. The price is pretty ridiculous. For "generic" items, this set is pretty good. Mattel's Monster High branded *deluxe* fashion packs are a better buy for the money, imo. I've seen those for $10-15, and they come with two outfits, jewelry, a purse and a pair of shoes with a more creative design than the Mystixx ones sport. Of course, the Mattel items are usually really character-themed, and for a doll like the Create-A-Monster I used as my model, it's nice to have something that doesn't look like it was borrowed from another character's closet.

      The only things I don't like about this set are the funky fit of the wig and the fact that the lace pattern on the dress is so large. If it was more in scale, it would be awesome.

  2. That does lokk perfect on the sea serpent girl. I got mine (who I'm calling Levi, btw XD) wearing a fashion pack for Lagoona with a short, dark blue wig that I forget where it came from. There's not enough green stuff in the MH stock, and when they do have green they almost always put neon pink all over it too.

    1. Oh, I bet Levi looks great in dark blue! The sea serpent CAM really has a gorgeous sculpt! Might it have been a Liv wig that Levi uses? I think they had a couple of blue wigs. School's Out Lagoona's dress has a shade of aqua-green that might look good with a minimum of pink. I wish that MH would branch out on colors and styles for the fashion packs. Some of the color combos they've been putting on the characters (like yellow on Draculaura and lime green on Clawdeen) are not my favorites. :(

  3. Purr: Forgot to put my name on my previous entry up there, lol. Actually I'm pretty sure the wig is from another CAM pack, but I'm not sure which one and I'm just assuming it did because that's mostly what I HAVE. It's a really dark, shiny blue and I'm not sure if it's actually cut this way or just stuck, but it's sort of bob-length with one side just slightly longer than the other. It's really cute.

    I still wanna try to make MH versions of Celestia and Luna with the unicorn CAM pack, and I'm thinking of getting another sea serpent for Luna. She's not exactly the right color, but I think she's the closest they got.

    1. Ah! Sneaky!

      I saw the unicorn CAM set for $5 at Target awhile back, but I didn't get it since it doesn't come with enough parts to make a doll. (Sorry Mattel, I have no interest in mixing and matching inadequately provided parts) It sounds like that might be the Witch/Cat set wig, but with more blue than purple. The siren's wig might work for Luna, if you pulled the blonde bits and replaced them with some purple.

      (I'd love a Nightmare Moon CAM, myself!)

  4. Purr: The vampire girl parts are close enough pink to the unicorn parts to almost match, except the unicorn parts are faintly pearlescent. Other than that it's really close. But on the other hand, what I actually need are white and dark purple-blue parts.

    And yeah, that siren wig would almost work, but the blue in the wig is a little too teal. Maybe some darker blue and purple would make it less noticeble though.