Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Lottery Pens!

I recently got to watch the first Nanoha movie, and was blown away by how much I loved it. This of course led to me needing merchandise! (Doesn't it always?) That led to Amazon, where I found these two Nanoha pens, shaped like the Intelligent Devices from the movie; Raising Heart and Bardiche!
These were lottery prizes in Japan. The price was good at only $7 each plus shipping. They came in a bubble mailer, but this was perfectly adequate protection.
I have no idea what any of this says. Probably stuff about the series.
Raising Heart is just the barest bit taller than Bardiche.
Here are Raising Heart (left) and Bardiche (right) out of the package. As you can see, each pen has a little lobster clasp to attach it to your spiral notebooks, backpack, or whatever you'd like to hook them onto.
The ends of each pen pull off to reveal the writing end. Each of these pens feels pretty solid and substantial, especially Raising Heart. I think she's the heavier of the two. The especially cool thing about these is that when the pens dry up, you've got the cool staff left over!
 Here's a promotional image of Nanoha (left) and Fate (right) with Raising Heart and Bardiche from the film.
"Finally, a death-axe of my own!"
As you can see, the pens aren't *quite* in perfect scale for 1/6 dolls, but it's a darn close match. Especially when you consider that Nanoha and Fate are kids, as opposed to the "late teen/early adult" size that Nii is.
"A contract? Hm, sure! Why not?"
Raising Heart is an especially nice match, being just the tiniest bit taller than Bardiche.
Raising Heart is just a little over waist-high on Nii.
Nii seems to like Bardiche just as well as Raising Heart. That devious grin is back!
"Back, cat-beast!"
Magic devices are especially important for fending off inquisitive felines. I love this set. As much as I'd love to have Fate and Nanoha's figma figures, these pens will satiate me for a while!

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