Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy (Early) Birthday to ME! (Pt. 1)

This Friday is my birthday, and since I'd come in to a little money over the holiday, I went a little nuts. I know you guys have seen me buy crazy amounts of stuff before (see the posts on the annual Wal-Mart toy clearance or the MEGA-HAUL post), but I don't typically pay full retail in circumstances like that.

I *hate* paying full retail, as a matter of fact.

The short version of this is that I had myself a little spending spree with some of the cash. The rest of it is going to pay taxes. (sigh)

Here's item #1: Diamond Select Knight Rider KITT 1:15 scale replica! (*squeeeeeeee!*)
I spotted KITT a little while back at TRU, and fought with myself over whether or not to buy him. I really, really wanted him (I am a tremendous KR nut, I even have KITT's voice on my GPS) but at the same time, I  didn't really like paying full price for him. I found the exclusive KR Minimates for $5-$8 awhile back and the idea that I might discover this similarly marked down in the future really made me hesitant to buy.

Obviously, I caved in like a cardboard box in a rainstorm. KITT has the original voice (provided by the delightful William Daniels), which I think may have been sampled off of the original sound masters from the show or something. There are no new phrases, and a couple of clips have the "tinny" sound of the early episodes. More about KITT later.
I also found the new Disney Fairies Pirate Fairy line at Target. I picked up Zarina and Periwinkle. I don't know much about the line, but thought there was a chance that the clothing might fit Monster High dolls. Plus Zarina here looks a little like Lina Inverse from Slayers.
A change of wardrobe, snip some bangs in her hair, change the eye color and BOOM! Perfect!

Periwinkle doesn't remind me of anyone in particular, but I thought her outfit would look great on Abbey, and the Pirate Fairies have nicely articulated bodies. Win-win!

I've kinda wanted a Sunset Shimmer pony ever since getting her Equestria Girls doll. The doll had a single yellow leg, unlike the character's actual design. This Shimmer was an especially good deal, since she was marked down.
The bottom of the package has been taped up again, but it doesn't look like anything is missing.
I also grabbed this Only Hearts Club fashion pack at Tuesday Morning.
And then there is this guy. I argued with myself for nearly a month, finally asking some online pals what they thought. But here he is! Taeyang Willy Wonka! This is the first Pullip-type doll I've ever owned, and he is intriguing. I'll have to do a full write-up on him and everything else later!


  1. Purr: Happy Upcoming Birthday!

  2. I just saw those Disney girls in Target tonight. Since they are fully articulated I was this close to getting the Rosetta one. They did not have Periwinkle though.

    1. I think Rosetta was the only one that the store I went to didn't have. Probably a good thing, since I like her outfit almost as much as Periwinkle's! Buying two at once is bad enough, lol.