Friday, December 20, 2013

One last romp in the snow

Temperatures quickly rose after my last post, and our incredible snowfall quickly melted away. Before it did, I ran outside after work to grab a couple of photos.

Anna was glad that she'd finally found her warm mittens, hat and cloak! Once the sun goes down, the temperatures really started falling! The weather report said that the snow and ice would all be gone tomorrow though, so this was her last chance to explore the wintery world outside.
No one else seemed to find the idea of a late night snowball fight appealing, which really struck Anna as a shame as she inspected the massive amounts of the white stuff all around her.
It didn't take long for the sun to vanish completely beyond the horizon, leaving Anna alone in the dark! How was she going to find her way back, when she couldn't even see her own footprints? A few minutes of trying in the moonless darkness, and Anna is hopelessly lost!

Luckily, a yeti wandered by! Abbey had never managed to convince Heath to come out and explore, but decided to take a stroll herself. Anna can hardly believe that Abbey is casually wandering around in just a pair of boots and a mini-dress.
Abbey scoffs at the redhead's shock as she eyes the rapidly melting winter wonderland around them. "Yes, is almost uncomfortably warm tonight." Anna is pretty sure she feels frostbit claiming her tongue and closes her slack-jawed mouth. After a moment of uncomfortable silence, Anna asks Abbey if she knows the way back to the house. Abbey casually nods at the wall about 20 feet away, which the lost girl was obliviously wandering past. With a shiver, Anna scrambles to her feet and bundles off towards the promise of heat.
Abbey watches the mad scramble as Anna nearly slides past the front door. "Psh," she mutters to herself. "Warm weather tourist." Then the yeti returns to her wanderings, admiring the faint glow of the snow around her. "Abbey likes Winter Queen", she decides, settling down on the hillside to stare out over the pale blanket of glittering wonder. For a moment, the urge to make a snow-monster seizes her, but instead she turns her eyes skyward to watch as the icicles sadly drip from the roof and treetops.
 "Is too bad," Abbey concludes. "If only winter came to the down-below longer."

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