Friday, December 27, 2013

Oh, Christmas Spree! Oh, Christmas Spree!

I didn't get any new toys for Christmas, but I did get money to buy a few!

First up is this Winx Concert Stage set with a doll. I grabbed this set for about $11 with tax because some thoughtful person had torn open the box and the store wasn't sure if everything was in there. I was only interested in the doll (or rather, her clothes), so I didn't care if the stage was all there or not.
As it turned out, everything was in there! I'm sort of pondering the potential the stage has for displaying/photographing dolls now. It came with three spots to pose dolls (one is connected to that star-shaped wand on the side - you can twist it to spin dolls around, or move back and forth to position them on stage), two bottles of water, a hairbrush, a mic headset, a guitar, a pair of sunglasses, a carrying case, and a standing microphone that you can remove for a handheld. That's a pretty cool feature.
Monster High dolls seem to float when in the stands, but Nii makes it work while modeling Black Carpet Clawdeen's outfit. Sadly, Nii's too thin for the included doll's blouse (without some alterations), and the leggings look downright ridiculous on her. The boots were tight, but I'm calling them a fit. Yay new boots!
I also found Ever After High's version of Monster High crossover character C.A. Cupid at Target. She must come in a case by herself, because there had to be about eight of this doll. I picked the one with the faceup I liked best.
I wish the EAH dolls were as cute as their character art. :(
Back of the box. Note that you can see her (clear) stand through the keyhole in the back of the box.
I had no trouble with the box, or with anything about unboxing this doll except for this: SIX INDIVIDUAL HEAD STAPLES. Six of them. In her head. SIX! That is at least four too many head staples for a single doll!

It may be my imagination, but I don't think her head/face is as round as Raven/Apple/Maddie/Briar. I'll have to dig Raven out and compare them.
Her hair is kind of wonky and flyaway out of the box and after repeated brushings. I should compare her to her MH incarnation too!
Since the Winx doll's clothes were a no-go, I decided to let Nii try on Elissabat's ensemble, minus the shoes. She's cute as heck in this, but that top stains, so back on the original doll it goes!


  1. Purr: I like EAH Cupid's hairstyle better than MH's. I also like the pic with all the other dolls in tiers in the background. Looks like the first day of college. :)

    So... has Nii picked an outfit for Ree's unveiling yet? XD

    1. She's still digging. I'm betting that it'll be the Abbey 13W getup, though.

    2. Purr: *snicker* I like that outfit.

      On Nii anyway. I don't like it on Abbey. Black and gold are not her colors.

    3. Yeah, it goes with her horns

  2. I actually like that stage quite a bit and it comes with some nice accessories. I'm going to see if I can find it for that low price.

    1. Hey Muff! Just to let you know, the Winx stage sets were marked down to $15 for non-torn boxes when I was at TRU #1, according to that store's scanner. There's a second store in the city I was in, and I was glad I'd waited when I found this one marked at $12. When the guy at the register asked if I wanted some extra off since the box was torn open (it was barely hanging together), I was like "Okay, sure!" Hope you find a set!