Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More thrifty stuff!

As part of my new year's resolution, I'm going to try and get all the old material I've collected for the blog posted before putting up new stuff. So here's another post of old collection stuff! There's a warehouse store a town or two over that carries a wide variety of closed-out merchandise. About a month ago, I picked up these three items for 20% off. I was really excited to see a Liv doll on the shelf!
 There is some info about the Liv line on the back of the box, along with some cute pics.
The inside flap of Alexis' box has a little story about the doll and more cute pictures of the dolls.
Here's Alexis in the box. I love all the great, detailed accessories that come with the Liv dolls! Besides her wig, earrings, sundress, leggings and boots, she also comes with a white tank top, a cute pink jacket, scarf, a cardboard portfolio, a bit of art, some "colored pencils", and a purse. She also has a plastic comb and code for the presumably defunct Liv website.
Here's everything out of the package. You can see the art that goes in her portfolio a little better. I'm not sure if she's supposed to be native american, but this doll looks very Cherokee to me. Something about the combination of her dress, boots and hair color/style really makes me think she looks Cherokee. She also has gorgeous hazel eyes!
 Different shoes don't make that much of a difference...
Even different clothes aren't that much of a change...
 This green sweater and skirt are from a Kari Mitchell Barbie clone set from Big Lots. All this green really brings out Alexis' eyes!
The long blonde wig I bought with Alexis is a pretty big change, and it jars out that "Cherokee" vibe I was getting. This wig came with a pair of markers for you to color the wig with, but I'm just not into the idea. Seems like it would make a mess, and the markers had dried out anyway. The shoes are from a Re-Ment set, and took some effort to get on her feet.
 I don't really think I care for her with blonde hair, but it certainly doesn't look bad at all. The pair of cute flower barettes came with the wig, and are shaped like flowers. One has a long, trailing green ribbon.
Back to her silky, wavy chocolate brown hair. I swapped the tight jeans skirt for a full, fluffy pink skirt from the Megahaul post. Here's an interesting fact for you: the plastic tennis shoes from an Only Hearts Club doll will fit Liv with just a little squeezing on! I don't know if other OHC shoes will work, but these sneakers work well at least!
The Stardoll was purchased mostly for her glittery pink heels, which I thought would look fantastic on Catty Noir. Unfortunately they don't want to stay on her feet. Rapunzel is happy to try on the outfit from the set, though. I could have sworn I posted these pics before, but I didn't find anything with them on the blog. The jeans-leggings look great on her, but the top looks like maternity club wear. She's snagged the wallet and flowers from another purchase that I made earlier, a Ken suit set.
It looks pretty darn good on Eugene, even if it does feel a little cheaply made. It also includes a grey vest, which he's wearing, but doesn't show up well.
I think that the vest could have been helped considerably by a snap closure. It tends to gape open and vanish under the jacket.
These two are just ridiculously photogenic together!


  1. Replies
    1. It's super-cute! I just wish the fabric was a bit sturdier. But for $3, I'm not complaining.

  2. Purr: That's the same wig I used for Tia. I ended up putting it in green food coloring, which works, but it fades and rubs off. Now she's got the mint green Bratz wig. And that barrette with the ribbon has not been off her yet.

    1. You didn't try coloring it with marker? Or did that rub off? I forget if you mentioned it. I have a Mystixx wig that you might like, but it's going to take some alteration or something to get it to stay on a MH head.

    2. Purr: I used a dark green sharpie first, and that worked really well actually, but my patience ran out about the time I got all the roots done.

  3. Awesome finds!!! I love the suit XD

    1. Eugene really rocks that outfit, doesn't he?