Monday, December 30, 2013

Midnight Magic 2012-2013 Comparison

Family Dollar put out some new Midnight Magic girls, new versions of last year's characters and new ones that have pets and translucent bodies.

Just like last year, the dolls come with activation codes for the website. I picked up Mila so I could compare her to last year's model.
The dolls are actually the same height, don't let the poorly fitting stands fool you. The dolls are very similar, but there are a few key differences. For one thing, this year's versions have better fitting clothes.
 The shoes are the same mold as last year, but the color is just slightly different.
The bodies are similar, but the arm molds have more definition and better-sculpted (and finished) hands this year. Note that there is still bits of mold remnant on the doll from last year. The wrist joint is also done differently.
As is the elbow joint. (whoa, impending wardrobe malfunction!)

The rooting on the dolls seems about the same. Compare last year: 
And this year:

 The legs and torso haven't changed, though.
She's not terribly flexible, but her knees do bend.

For $5, she's not a bad Monster High fakie.
I made sure I got a Mila whose dress was a little on the small size, because I suspected Abbey would look great in it. I was right!


  1. Purr: I do like that patchwork dress on her. The boots don't fit?

    1. They *can*, but they're blow-molded things that are very cheaply made. The design is prone to "catching" doll toes in the fringe ruffles, too. I thought the strappy heels were a better match for the funky picnic blanket vibe of the dress.

  2. I like the almost quilted pattern of her dress. I still have not purchased any of these girls yet but I do stare at them when I'm in Family Dollar.

    1. I've gotten this one and the amber-color translucent blond girl. They're a little overpriced, but I'm hoping to see them marked down soon. There are slightly different ones at Walgreens, which have started to come down in price, too!