Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fun in the snow: A photostory

Rapunzel is ecstatic to discover the huge snowfall outside! After last year's disappointing snowfall, this fantastic. It would be better if the snow was sticky enough to make a good snowman, but Punzie is determined to make the best of it.

Eugene: Hey sweetness, what'cha up to?
Rapunzel: I'm making a snowman! Elsa told me that she made a snowman, and it came alive!

Eugene: Elsa..? OH! The Ice Queen. Right.
Rapunzel: Snow Queen, not Ice Queen. Give me a hand with this, will you? It's not working quite.. right.
Eugene: Yeah, I'd feel sorry for that thing if it came to life. Yikes.
Rapunzel: I'm sorry, what was that?
Eugene: Hey, I didn't mean it was your fault. It's the snow, it's too powdery and dry!
Rapunzel: I ought to teach you a lesson about insulting someone's handiwork!
Eugene: Whoa, whoa! Let's talk about this, Punzie!
Rapunzel grabs up a double handful of snow and flings it into Eugene's face, sending him backwards into the fluffy white ground. 

Eugene: WAGH!
Rapunzel: HA! Serves you right!
Eugene: Ugggggghhh...
Rapunzel: That'll show you for...! Eugene? You're okay, aren't you?
Eugene: Uuuhhhhhhgh..
Rapunzel: Omigosh, Eugene! Hang on! I'm so sorry-!
Eugene grabs Rapunzel's arm, yanking her face-first into the powdery snow.

Eugene: GOTCHA!
Rapunzel: AGHHH!
Eugene: What was that about teaching lessons?
Rapunzel: Eugene! You cheater!
Eugene: I prefer to think of it as strategic thinking!
After a brief tussle in the snow, the twosome tire themselves out.

Eugene: So.. do you come around here much, miss?
Rapunzel: Why, Mr. Fitzherbert, are you flirting with me?
Eugene: That depends.. Is it working?
Rapunzel: Well.. maybe. A little.
Eugene: You know, there's something I really should tell you, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: Yeah? What's that?
Eugene: You're going to pay for getting snow in my ear!
Rapunzel: EEK!
And so, as the sun dips low on the distant wintery horizon, both Eugene and Rapunzel scramble to see who can win the mother of all snowball fights!

The snow melted a little of our snow last night, but I still had to clear off a few inches to get the depth down to a less ridiculous level for this. This snow really is disappointingly powdery, it took several tries to get Rapunzel's tragically-misshapen snowman put together.

Sadly, Anna's mittens, hat and cape are still MIA. Hopefully they'll show up before this stuff all melts! Abbey's been trying to get Heath out in this stuff, but he's buried himself under about a million blankets and keeps wailing about being too cold. Abbey's analysis: "Stop being large infant!"


  1. Purr: That is just seven different kinds of freaking adorable. XD

  2. That was just too cute!

    And I was going to ask, "Where are her gloves?!" LOL... but you talked about it in the end XD

    1. I finally found Anna's accessories, so hopefully I'll get to take a pic or two of her as well before the snow melts away! I'm afraid Rapunzel is like me; so excited to play in the snow that gloves get forgotten until your fingers start throbbing from the cold! XD

  3. Cute. I like these two together. Love Eugene's "Ice Queen" comment. Thanks for taking these photos in the cold and snow. Love this story ;-)

    1. I wish it hadn't been such a dry, powdery snow, I really wanted to make a magic snow sculpture wonderland for them to explore! Thanks for the feedback, D7ana!