Friday, December 6, 2013

Frozen in!

First off, Frozen. Go see it. Quit looking up spoilers, quit watching the tidbits on Disney Feature Animation's Facebook and Twitter feed, and JUST. GO. SEE. IT.
Elsa demands your compliance.

We actually had a blast of wintery weather yesterday and today, which dropped sleet, and then about six inches of snow on top of us. I'd already done emergency supply shopping earlier this week, so we're good (or should be) until the thaw. I was pretty giddy at the notion of taking pictures of my dolls in the snow, save for the fact that I have company up, and well.. It's a little embarrassing to be gamboling about with my toys in public.

I had to take Elsa out, although the snow's depth made setting her up for a becoming photo a bit of a challenge...
She couldn't stand well in it at all.
What am I standing in?
Then she found herself standing on solid ground.. but in one of my footprints!
Wait, this isn't a hole.. it's a footprint! What has feet this big?!
Wow.. and she thought she'd overdone it with Arendelle!
Let it go! Let it go! I'm nearly up to my waist in snooooow!
But she managed to grin her way through the white stuff and find a good perch to take a glamor-shot.
Portrait of the Snow Queen

Anna *would* have come out with us, but the poor girl can't find her mittens, hat and cape. (seriously, I have no idea where I have put those items!) Rapunzel is somewhere frantically digging for some cold weather gear so that she can play in the first real snow we've had since she arrived.

Mah new hat!
My still-nameless Madame Alexander 18" doll has a new winter hat, and was looking forward to taking some cute pics in it.
I regret nothiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!
Seconds later, this happened! AGH!
Kristoff was right. Just like landing on a pillow.
Fortunately, there was adequate powder to break her fall. BOOM! Instant snow angel photo op!
That hat was useless.
She still got a good picture before we came back in, though. I'm rather disappointed in the hat. The silly thing was just about too small for the doll's head, and actually fell off before she hit the ground!

Unlike our typical snowfalls, this one isn't' supposed to melt away in a few hours, so hopefully there will be plenty for Abbey, Rapunzel and maybe even Anna to enjoy!


  1. Love the glam shot of the Snow Queen! She looks to be in her element.

    1. The timing was incredible, that's for sure! It's been years since we've had a snowfall like this!

  2. I regret nothing!!! LOL you are super funny. I love your blog.