Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dress-up with Elsa and Anna

I've discovered that a lot of the Barbie clothing doesn't fit Rapunzel very well, so I thought I'd try it on Elsa and Anna. This long magenta dress looks pretty good on Elsa.
This pair of soft plastic Barbie heels look pretty good on her, too!
They don't fit the articulated Disney bodies quite as well as they would fit Barbie, but it's a passable look.
Anna looks almost disturbingly hot in this Spice Girls dress and J-Doll heels!
Elsa is strangely sultry in Jasmine's costume with her original shoes.
The girls are having lots of fun with the Winx stage so far! The box back from the Beatrix Girls doll I bought makes a pretty good backdrop, too!

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