Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Madame Alexander 18" Doll: Photo shoot 1

Playing outside.
I mentioned awhile back that I still had the 18" Madame Alexander doll that came in the enormous box of toys I got for $3 at the thrift store. I've been meaning to make a post about her, but keep thinking I needed "more" to make it worth while. I think I'll just split it up into a couple of small photo op posts, to get myself actually talking about her. Here she is in what I guess is her "Fall Outfit". The jeans are the ones she was wearing when donated, the top is the same too-small one you saw her in last.
Her friend the rag doll is still around, too.

The hooded jacket is something I found in a bag is miscellaneous doll clothes I've been accumulating. I bought the shoes at Wal-Mart, since she looked odd to me barefoot.

She stands pretty well unassisted, too.

I've never had a doll like this one before. She's an obvious American Girl-style knockoff, with a stuffed body and vinyl head and limbs that are also her five points of articulation. Her hair is the same super-fine stuff that Monster High's Catty Noir is rooted in, but I don't know enough about doll hair to tell you more than that. On the subject of her hair, you may notice that she's no longer got the braid that went across her forehead originally. I decided that I'd brush it out and redo it... only to discover that my attempts at fixing the odd lumpy spots in the braid were not up to re-creating the hairstyle. So she's got a new hairstyle now.

Her eyes are sleep eyes, and although I've heard that some Madame Alexander 18" dolls have a wired armature to make them posable, this doesn't seem to be the case with this one.

"I climbed up, but now I can't get down!"

She has a very sweet face with a neutral but nice expression. Very, very subtle makeup gives her rosy cheeks and a charming smile.

"I need a leaf pile to jump in!"
Oh, and her "new" hoodie has cat ears, which really seems to suit her. She looks slightly mischievous to me, but like she also wouldn't say no to a nap in a warm, sunny spot on the floor. It's a very well made piece with a metal zipper and the jacket is fully lined. It's by a different company.

This doll definitely has some heft to her, and feels pretty solid. I'm not a huge fan of her fine, thin hair, but it's pretty well rooted. She's charming enough that I've bought her some bargain bin/thrifted clothes and a couple of pairs of shoes, but I don't feel moved to invest in a lot of stuff for her. She doesn't even have a *name* at this point. I feel like I like her, but like I'd also be okay with giving her to a child who I thought would appreciate her. She is very photogenic though, and even though she's a knock-off, I find that I like her face a lot more than the American Girl face.

We'll see how I feel next update.


  1. She is extremely photogenic, I must say. "I climbed up, but now I can't get down!", is my favorite photo (and caption), lol.

    1. She is pretty cute, ha ha! Given the cat ears on her hood, it seemed fitting.

  2. Purr: I kinda like the "botched French braid" thing she's got going on now. Looks kinda like she tried to do it herself and got mixed up halfway through. ^^

    1. Well, it's not so much a french braid as it's a couple of side braids pulled together behind her head, lol.