Monday, October 7, 2013

Moxie Teenz Beach/swim set

The Moxie Teenz were pretty much over by the time they made it here. I do have two dolls, though. One came from a thrift shop and the other was an impulse purchase. I managed to find some stuff for them this past weekend, though! Behold!
And it was only $1.50 at TRU, too! They had no more fashion packs though. I checked and then made the kid working there check for me as well. Then I was sad.
The back of the box shows other fashion pack sets that were sadly unavailable for purchase.
However, there WAS a single wig and an accessory set. I'm not sure but I think the accessory set is supposed to be bed/sleepover themed. I paid $3 each for these, and if you've never opened one of those Moxie Teenz wigs before, let me just tell you that it is a tightly-bound plastic-encased, sewn-in nightmare I shudder to remember. Let's skip that part.
This is Tristan, she'll be our lovely model for the evening.

There are five pieces in the fashion pack, if you count both shoes separately.
The swimsuit baaaarely comes up over Tristan's bust, which is disappointing. The coverup doesn't fasten closed, which is also disappointing. Despite the incredible thickness of the hair rooting in the wig, it stays on like a rock, though. But how strong is it?
We deployed the FWU1 (Feline Wrecker Unit first class), to find out! I think it's a nice touch that the handbag has an actual ribbon bow instead of a molded-on one, don't you? Don't get excited that it "really opens!" though. You're not fitting anything thicker than a penny in there.
As you can see, not even a vigorous cat bat can budge Tristan's new, luscious locks!

The shoes from this set are very nice, too!
"I'm not just the president of the hair club for dolls, I'm also a client!"


  1. LOL, great post! Love your kitty.

    1. Ha ha! Thanks, that's Finn, my destructive little force of nature. He likes chewing things, so he got supervised very closely during this photo session.

    2. are you selling your moxie teenz doll?