Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Frozen Dolls

I saw these yesterday at a Toys R Us. Unlike the Disney Store dolls, I don't think these are articulated. (edit: I think Elsa and Anna's "sleeves" are actually molded to their arms, and the skirts don't appear to be removable.) Both girls also come with crowns, which I'm thinking may be a spoiler?

They also seem to have the "molded top" thing going on, which I personally really dislike. I think it looks terribly cheap.

Another set had Anna with lights and music, and Elsa with a color change with temperature dress gimmick.

There was also a two in one castle.
Anna's side. (Whoa, holy mother of blurry photos, Batman!)
Elsa's side. I'm digging that plastic throne!

There was also a very cute mini figure set.

I also spied the Equestrian girls set which includes Luna.
Luna has hair problems in this set, but I found another which actually let you see her face.

She's cute, but not "buy a whole set of molded-top/elastic skirt characters you probably already have" cute. Not to me, at least. Not without some good articulation and some extras.


  1. Yeah, that first photo contains the versions I saw. They also had the male lead as well and he too was molded colored arms and legs. Bleh.

    1. I really hate the molded-on clothing. It looks so cheap, and it limits the redressing options you have. Looking at the pic closer, I think Anna's sleeves are molded on, too. The skirts on those dolls didn't look removable, iirc.

      I find myself starting to want the Disney Store version of the prince, but haven't been able to find him at the "local" store. I like to look at dolls in person before buying, so unless I see him at a crazy price, I won't be buying him online.