Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mega-Haul Mini-Update: The too-big Barbie clothing

So, you remember my post about the enormous thrift store mega-haul, right? Well, sad to say but nearly all the Barbie dolls were scrapped due to chewed limbs, deteriorated plastic, or broken limbs. Their wardrobe will live on, though!

Almost all of that haul was donated by a little old lady who collected all sorts of dolls, it turns out. And she sewed for them as well, which explains the homemade clothing some (if not most) of them sported. It really makes me wonder what I missed, you know? I went back the next day to see if any more had been put out, but came up empty. The store is moving stuff around now, and it looks like they're moving the toys to a more open area of the shop. In a way this is good because it means that (hopefully) there won't be as much broken and destroyed stuff to dig through. At the same time... yeah, the whole county will now see me digging through toys.

It's a scary thought.

Anyway, I've discovered that the "too large" clothing on a few of the Barbies can actually fit my Moxie Teenz doll, Tristan! Remember this dress?

The pink-streaked wig: suddenly much more useful!"
Here it is on Tristan, and it fits her perfectly! You'd hardly recognize it in the original photo:
Weirdly frumpy.
The cow print/red skirt dress was just a bit too scandalously short to be a fit. It's gone back to the store on a surviving Barbie.

How about this dress? Look familiar?

This dress is an odd length, but very pretty!
It barely looks the same as it did on the original Barbie (far right)!
That dress on the left is just... just... wow. I can't even describe that thing.
That metallic dress probably would also fit Tristan, but the bodice and sleeves of the thing are a mess. If I think I can put it on her without destroying it utterly, I'll try it on her later.

The skirt got bunched weird on the makeshift doll stand, but ignore it for just a sec and check this out!
3/4 length sleeves and a slightly high waist, but the ruffles are much more in scale now.
The skirt actually does not fall all crazy like that, btw. This dress is terrible to try and photograph in my makeshift photo spot, due to the bad lighting and shiny metallic materials.

Warning: Dress also functions as a blinding doomsday device.

And it looks much better than it did on the original model.

Somehow, this dress made the original Barbie look pregnant or something.
It also turns out that Little Miss Matched outfits fit Moxie Teenz! Yay for Tuesday Morning sales!
I leaned over and then suddenly my sleeves looked like they were two different lengths!
Hope you're a fan of capri-length pants, but still not too shabby! I haven't tested all the homemade Barbie stuff on her yet, but Tristan's officially got enough of a wardrobe to need someplace to put it all!

Ready for my close-up!
Wait.. that means I have to find a spot to store it.


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