Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Dollar of Misc. Thrift

Nii would be overseeing today's haul, but Finn knocked her over on Friday and she's healing up from horn-reattachment surgery. Again.
That's the second time, and somehow it's the SAME horn every time! A little paint will make the mend less obvious, but I'm still quite unhappy about it. Finn however, has lost no sleep over the mishap.
Little jerk.

Anyway, we'll check back in with Nii later. For now, I have a dollar's worth of assorted crap to show off. The local thrift store is still in the process of moving the toy section, and that's resulted in some interested stuff surfacing along with the newer stuff that's been donated recently. Today I passed on two American Girl knockoff dolls and an AG knockoff horse. I was actually pretty tempted by the horse until I discovered that the poor thing had a broken leg. I tried to feel out if it was something fixable, but determined it probably wasn't. Both the horse and dolls (nude, the lot of 'em) were undoubtedly donated by the same people, since they'd all been decorated with pink paint pen.

Here's what I *did* buy:

I think the pink tub is an AG-knockoff bathtub. It would be pretty small for an AG doll, but I can't think who else it could be for.
I'm not even sure why I grabbed these wire and film angel wings, other than the fact that they would soon be destroyed if I didn't. They're in pretty good shape, with just a couple of small cracks in the film.

I also grabbed this... rolling laundry cart, or whatever it is. What is it?
It isn't big enough to hold all the plastic hairbrushes that soon will be journeying to the trash can. This isn't even all of them.
Here are the little plastic dolls that were in one bag. The Dora figure will be going back to the store. I think I'll keep at least one Polly Pocket-style Merida. And maybe the Lala-Loopsy mini. She's kind of cute.
Here's the rest of what was in that bag. The little crown and top hat might be Lala-loopsy. I did see a full-size (nude) doll in the donation bin the other day.. these might have belonged to her..? The pink things at left might be part of a Barbie fridge. I saw most of a Barbie microwave but didn't get it. I'm not sure what the pink and purple thing at top is.

Little dolls! I think the one at right is a Madeline doll, and the one at left looks like a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with her dress on backwards. I'm clueless as to who the guy in the middle is. Both he and Dorothy are fully-articulated, though!

A few single shoes were in this lot. Also some wire coathangers that were apparently fashioned from full size coathangers. The foam heart-shaped pillow might be from the Barbie canopy bed I found the other day in the Mega-haul box.
More plastic brushes, fakie-shoes, and various tiny things. The two Polly dolls are heading back to the shop.
I'm not sure what these things were from, but they apparently go together.
Yet more tiny stuff, including a random MLP seapony comb and a 70's-early 80's Barbie brush and comb set in bright yellow.
Some odd-size doll clothes... and a couple of single shoes.
A single AG-size shoe (I think..?), a Build-a-Bear tagged skirt, and a pair of red elastic shoes that may also be BaB. (Yay, my Bear Factory brand cat finally has a skirt!)
Some Barbie and near-Barbie size clothing finishes us off. (I like that coat!)

This haul was a bit disappointing, honestly. I had high hopes for finding more/better clothing than this, and what's here is either a size I can't really use or it's torn. A few pieces are in gosod shape, though. The enormous amount of doll brushes and combs i another disappointing thing to discover. The little articulated dolls are probably my favorite thing from the whole lot, and they're in rough shape. The guys clothing is so torn up that it's just barely holding together.

Let's check back in with Nii, shall we? The glue should be set by now.
She's feeling good enough to steal 13 Wishes Abbey's clothes, so that's a good sign.
Looks pretty good on her, honestly. I also found some clothes for my AG knockoff and the ragdoll I got in the Mega-haul post.
I found a couple of decorative bunny figures whose clothes I swiped for the ragdoll. Here's one of the outfits.
And here's the AG-style Madame Alexander doll. The top I found in the misc. doll clothes basket is a little too small for her. I also found her a pair of shoes at Wal-Mart.

More on these two in a later post!

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