Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Dollar of Misc. Thrift

Nii would be overseeing today's haul, but Finn knocked her over on Friday and she's healing up from horn-reattachment surgery. Again.
That's the second time, and somehow it's the SAME horn every time! A little paint will make the mend less obvious, but I'm still quite unhappy about it. Finn however, has lost no sleep over the mishap.
Little jerk.

Anyway, we'll check back in with Nii later. For now, I have a dollar's worth of assorted crap to show off. The local thrift store is still in the process of moving the toy section, and that's resulted in some interested stuff surfacing along with the newer stuff that's been donated recently. Today I passed on two American Girl knockoff dolls and an AG knockoff horse. I was actually pretty tempted by the horse until I discovered that the poor thing had a broken leg. I tried to feel out if it was something fixable, but determined it probably wasn't. Both the horse and dolls (nude, the lot of 'em) were undoubtedly donated by the same people, since they'd all been decorated with pink paint pen.

Here's what I *did* buy:

I think the pink tub is an AG-knockoff bathtub. It would be pretty small for an AG doll, but I can't think who else it could be for.
I'm not even sure why I grabbed these wire and film angel wings, other than the fact that they would soon be destroyed if I didn't. They're in pretty good shape, with just a couple of small cracks in the film.

I also grabbed this... rolling laundry cart, or whatever it is. What is it?
It isn't big enough to hold all the plastic hairbrushes that soon will be journeying to the trash can. This isn't even all of them.
Here are the little plastic dolls that were in one bag. The Dora figure will be going back to the store. I think I'll keep at least one Polly Pocket-style Merida. And maybe the Lala-Loopsy mini. She's kind of cute.
Here's the rest of what was in that bag. The little crown and top hat might be Lala-loopsy. I did see a full-size (nude) doll in the donation bin the other day.. these might have belonged to her..? The pink things at left might be part of a Barbie fridge. I saw most of a Barbie microwave but didn't get it. I'm not sure what the pink and purple thing at top is.

Little dolls! I think the one at right is a Madeline doll, and the one at left looks like a Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with her dress on backwards. I'm clueless as to who the guy in the middle is. Both he and Dorothy are fully-articulated, though!

A few single shoes were in this lot. Also some wire coathangers that were apparently fashioned from full size coathangers. The foam heart-shaped pillow might be from the Barbie canopy bed I found the other day in the Mega-haul box.
More plastic brushes, fakie-shoes, and various tiny things. The two Polly dolls are heading back to the shop.
I'm not sure what these things were from, but they apparently go together.
Yet more tiny stuff, including a random MLP seapony comb and a 70's-early 80's Barbie brush and comb set in bright yellow.
Some odd-size doll clothes... and a couple of single shoes.
A single AG-size shoe (I think..?), a Build-a-Bear tagged skirt, and a pair of red elastic shoes that may also be BaB. (Yay, my Bear Factory brand cat finally has a skirt!)
Some Barbie and near-Barbie size clothing finishes us off. (I like that coat!)

This haul was a bit disappointing, honestly. I had high hopes for finding more/better clothing than this, and what's here is either a size I can't really use or it's torn. A few pieces are in gosod shape, though. The enormous amount of doll brushes and combs i another disappointing thing to discover. The little articulated dolls are probably my favorite thing from the whole lot, and they're in rough shape. The guys clothing is so torn up that it's just barely holding together.

Let's check back in with Nii, shall we? The glue should be set by now.
She's feeling good enough to steal 13 Wishes Abbey's clothes, so that's a good sign.
Looks pretty good on her, honestly. I also found some clothes for my AG knockoff and the ragdoll I got in the Mega-haul post.
I found a couple of decorative bunny figures whose clothes I swiped for the ragdoll. Here's one of the outfits.
And here's the AG-style Madame Alexander doll. The top I found in the misc. doll clothes basket is a little too small for her. I also found her a pair of shoes at Wal-Mart.

More on these two in a later post!

Friday, October 18, 2013

I know someone who would want these!

$50 each or $100 for the set at the flea market. Firm, unfortunately.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mega-Haul Mini-Update: The too-big Barbie clothing

So, you remember my post about the enormous thrift store mega-haul, right? Well, sad to say but nearly all the Barbie dolls were scrapped due to chewed limbs, deteriorated plastic, or broken limbs. Their wardrobe will live on, though!

Almost all of that haul was donated by a little old lady who collected all sorts of dolls, it turns out. And she sewed for them as well, which explains the homemade clothing some (if not most) of them sported. It really makes me wonder what I missed, you know? I went back the next day to see if any more had been put out, but came up empty. The store is moving stuff around now, and it looks like they're moving the toys to a more open area of the shop. In a way this is good because it means that (hopefully) there won't be as much broken and destroyed stuff to dig through. At the same time... yeah, the whole county will now see me digging through toys.

It's a scary thought.

Anyway, I've discovered that the "too large" clothing on a few of the Barbies can actually fit my Moxie Teenz doll, Tristan! Remember this dress?

The pink-streaked wig: suddenly much more useful!"
Here it is on Tristan, and it fits her perfectly! You'd hardly recognize it in the original photo:
Weirdly frumpy.
The cow print/red skirt dress was just a bit too scandalously short to be a fit. It's gone back to the store on a surviving Barbie.

How about this dress? Look familiar?

This dress is an odd length, but very pretty!
It barely looks the same as it did on the original Barbie (far right)!
That dress on the left is just... just... wow. I can't even describe that thing.
That metallic dress probably would also fit Tristan, but the bodice and sleeves of the thing are a mess. If I think I can put it on her without destroying it utterly, I'll try it on her later.

The skirt got bunched weird on the makeshift doll stand, but ignore it for just a sec and check this out!
3/4 length sleeves and a slightly high waist, but the ruffles are much more in scale now.
The skirt actually does not fall all crazy like that, btw. This dress is terrible to try and photograph in my makeshift photo spot, due to the bad lighting and shiny metallic materials.

Warning: Dress also functions as a blinding doomsday device.

And it looks much better than it did on the original model.

Somehow, this dress made the original Barbie look pregnant or something.
It also turns out that Little Miss Matched outfits fit Moxie Teenz! Yay for Tuesday Morning sales!
I leaned over and then suddenly my sleeves looked like they were two different lengths!
Hope you're a fan of capri-length pants, but still not too shabby! I haven't tested all the homemade Barbie stuff on her yet, but Tristan's officially got enough of a wardrobe to need someplace to put it all!

Ready for my close-up!
Wait.. that means I have to find a spot to store it.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrift Shop MEGA-HAUL!

I had stopped going in to the local thrift store every day lately, reasoning that they usually seemed to have better stuff if I waited a day or two between trips. Plus that keeps the staff from thinking I'm a complete weirdo. This theory (the one about better stuff) bore fruit in an amazing way this week.

I hereby present to you... THE MEGA-HAUL!
Think you're ready for this $3 box?

Finn and Phantom are intrigued. Okay, let's get started, because there is a LOT to see.

First up, this Madame Alexander 18" doll. I've never had a doll like these American Girl knockoffs before, and honestly, I never really "got" the craze. The dolls seemed too big, clunky and awkward to me. The opportunity to check out a similar doll for next to nothing was pretty tempting, though. I kinda like her, and will probably come back to check some of these items in more depth later. This doll did find a too-small top and slightly too-big jacket in a bag of miscellaneous doll clothes I was getting ready to give back to the shop, though. 

I'm not really sure what this doll is from, or why she has been stripped of her clothes. (swiped by other shoppers?) She seems to have pretty nice hair, but she made Finn sneeze.

Next up, plushes! Eliza Thornberry isn't staying, but I'm intrigued by the fire-fighting angel lion. Yes, you read that right. Fire-fighting ANGEL lion. He has gold wings and everything. It's sort of mystifying.

And now... brace yourself. We're going to be seeing a LOT of Barbies. And by a lot of Barbies, I mean more than I owned during my entire childhood. (Admittedly, I only had about 10 or so)

Almost all of these dolls were dressed (one with a broken leg), and most of them were dressed in homemade clothing that is just a bit too big for them.
I didn't know there even WERE Power Rangers dolls. Too bad this one is missing a glove.
Here's a fun fact for you. Jasmine there? Her earrings are actually part of her headmold! Pocket Princess was right!
Some kind of fancy homemade Christmas Barbie with lots of sequins in this picture...
The dress on the redhead on the left has a kind of cool design, but the bodice/sleeve material is crummy stuff and it's just too garish. I'll probably harvest the skirt material for something.
Barbie kiddies. The two in overalls have twist waists. I think they are some kinds of clones...? They have crummy hair.

Status update: This is how much we have to go.

Mermaids! I actually had this Ariel, this is the first one that was put out. Her tail is stained, but I might have my original one somewhere.
More clone-children, a really nice articulated Ken with what appears to be perfect flocking on his head (!), and an articulated redhead who I'm definitely keeping.
I find myself really drawn to this one's face.

Finally, that's it for the Barbie dolls. Now we start on... the other Barbie stuff!
I think this is a tent, but I'm not sure all the pieces are there yet.

There's also a boat, and most of (all of?) a hammock set.
There's also a canopy bed (and bedding, which isn't pictured), and sweet mother of mercy...!
It's MAXIMUS from Tangled! Worth the $3, right there! I wanted this guy when he came out, but couldn't justify buying him.

Speaking of horses, there are a lot of little toy horses in here. Someone is going to have to have a model horse collection. They're just about perfectly sized to stand in for Breyer models.
There's also most of a Barbie vet set, a small vanity that's missing a leg, what I think is an Littlest Pet Shop hamster wheel, and a set of overalls. The vet set counter is missing a leg or something, so I have the round table that I also got in this box holding it upright.

A Pound Purries kitten! I actually have one just like this back home (and a momma cat to go with), but I couldn't leave this little guy there. I think that's some canopy bedding with him.
Barbie collies! I think they're Barbie, at least. They don't stand well, and the white one is missing the fur piece on one leg. VERY cute, though.
 There was also a sweet-looking rag doll and a couple of My Little Ponies! Moondancer looks a bit squashed and has had a paint-stain makeover, but the So-Soft Pony (no idea of the name) is actually in pretty good shape. The flocking is still nice.
Whew... we're almost done, here! Hey Purr, can I interest you in some Despicable Me minions and a purple dragon? I have no idea what the flower thing or the seashell thing are.
This cat-thing looks oddly familiar, but I can't place it.
This dog-thing has a Barbie-like "B" on it and a necklace with Barbie's photo, but I'm not sure it's a legit Barbie thing.

The crazy thing is I don't even care for Barbie. I'm going to swipe the parts I like/want, and donate back the ones that aren't chewed up. Sadly, MANY of the dolls have chew marks and stuff.

Phantom is trying to figure out how she can claim that canopy bed stuff, though. She can't stop rolling on it.