Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moxie Girlz Magic Winter Cabin playset

So there I was in TRU, money burning an almost literal hole in my pocket as I stared down the clearance aisle. On the one hand there was the Liv "Hayden's House" playset that came with a Liv doll. $25. On the other, there was the Moxie Girlz Magic Winter Cabin set, which didn't come with a doll but listed off a whole bunch of accessories. Many more accessories than the Liv set had.

Hm. What to do?

The Moxie house was $10, minus the flash sale "Extra 25% off". Well, that was decided. For $7.50, I couldn't pass it up! I almost talked myself into buying them both. I honestly wish now that I had.

Does not include: Dolls, sled, snowman, log seat... etc...
This is actually the exact same thing as the Bratz Pink Winter Dream Cabin, just with less pink.
The selling point
I figured that either house/cabin would be undersize for my dolls, but that the big bunch of accessories would be guaranteed to be worth $7.50, at least.
Here's the inside, minus the roof.
I suppose the screw holes in the chimney should have been a clue, too.
And here's the outside. Notice anything odd? Why the heck is there a shelf on the outside of the house? Who does that? Good thing they show snow drifted up along the bottom edges of these walls, or I'd have put this thing together inside out!
After snapping the roof on, but leaving off the icicles (Finn would try to eat them), here's everything else in the box.
This bar needs some spackle or something.
The bar snaps together easily, but the pieces don't quite fit right. The stone pattern is very nice, though.
Not a "love seat", but a "low seat".
The chair is one hollow, very low to the ground piece of plastic.
$7.50 worth of stuff?
Here's the rest of the accessories. You've got a bar stool, a lantern for the outside wall, a snow shovel, a fondue pot with skewers, a radio, a fire, a croissant, a carton of cream, two mugs of cocoa, a two glasses of some other chocolately concoction, a muffin, and a tray.  Let's look at that snow shovel, shall we?
"This is snow shovel for ants?"
It's TINY. Way too small for the MH ghouls, at least.
"Seriously, can we get a taller shovel?"
It's a little better for an actual Moxie, but not by much. The shovel is included to enhance the gimmick of this set, the "real working snowfall" that comes out of the chimney. What is that snow, you ask?
"This isn't snow! This is bean bag bed!"
"This isn't even big enough for a bed!"
Millions of polystyrene pellets. Whoever came up with this idea either hates parents or has never seen what happens if you accidentally cut open a bean bag chair. This stuff is staying in the bag.
Abbey is flummoxed by the outdoor shelf.
"Acceptably toasty."
She thinks that the indoor/outdoor fireplace could be handy, though.
"Hey girls! Watch this!"
Just as I feared, the "walls" are really too short for the MH crew. The sea monster girl looks like a giant, but she's actually just standing there. Abbey is sitting down. The seat is so short that Heath might as well be sitting on the ground!
"Ladies! What can I get you? Coffee? Tea? Me?"
Heath would love to play bartender. Thankfully we have no alcohol in this set, so he's given the go-ahead.
"Finally! Being short is an advantage!"

Really, this set is perfectly scaled for Equestria Girls, Pinkie Cooper, or other 9"  or slightly under dolls. Bratz Kidz would probably be a good fit for it as well. In case you're wondering, that's a Kidz outfit Sunset Shimmer is rocking, there.

I really wish I'd gone ahead and gotten the Liv set, but the main draw of it was the underscale kitchen, and of course the doll. Since Liv is out of production, this has started to sound more and more like a missed opportunity to me, and I'm honestly sort of kicking myself for cheaping out but at the same time... ehhhh these underscale houses annoy me a bit. The roof should go OVER the doll's head, not settle at shoulder level! And out of production or not, $25 is a bit high for a Liv, imo. Found one NIB for under $13 yesterday, so...

At any rate, Heath and Abbey aren't complaining! For $7.50, I've got no real regrets on this set. I may donate the "house" part to Goodwill. The accessories were definitely worth $7.50 in my book.
Abbey may need her amulet, I think it's getting hot in here.

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