Friday, September 13, 2013

Dollar General Monster High Fakies

So I've been seeing some Monster High bootlegs/rip offs at Dollar General lately! The stores near me have two "lines" of them. One is called "Gothic Girl", and as near as I can tell, it's just two Draculaura look-alikes. The other is called "Ghastly Girlfriends" and has three dolls in the lineup. Let's take a quick look.

The "Ghastly Girlfriends" line has very obviously managed to come up with some genuine MH heads to make molds from. The heads are reproduced with obvious mold seams hidden in what hair they have. Don't be fooled by what looks like a lot of hair in that pic! Incidentally, all the dolls in this post were $3 each.

It feels like nylon hair, a little rough at the ends, but decently brushable. Expect to lose 1-3 plugs when you brush it the first time, though. These are fakies, so of course they're very thinly rooted with great empty spots lurking under the top layer of hair. The "Ghastly" Lala has a side-part and streaks of orange in her hair.

Here are the other two dolls in the line, Fakie-Frankie and Counterfeit-Clawdeen. More about them in a moment.
The dolls have the same bodies, but as you can see, they have very different heads. Their legs move front to back and will do a full front split, but their shoulder joint has a ball-style socket for more range of motion. I'm not sure what the "Gothic Girl" head is from. I need a better pic of their hair streaks. Gothic has a big chunk of fire engine RED in her hair. It's actually very becoming.

The "Ghastly" dolls all have the same pink shoes, which just barely stay on their tiny, tiny feet. They have nothing on under their dresses, either. Decoy-Draculaura here has a dress that would be kind of cute if it came close to fitting her at all. It's too big on her, and even with some cinching it's way too big on a legit MH doll. These dolls do have a decent range of motion, with five points of articulation, including a pivot joint for their neck. The "Ghastly" dolls also come with a toy mirror, which is absolutely useless but helps make the box look more substantial. It has a skeletal hand on the back.

The "Gothic Girl" doll only has a swivel joint for her neck, so she can't look up or down. I like her face better even though she has a flaw in her eye screening. Her clothing is made a little better than her "Ghastly" counterpart. The outfit is actually three pieces, including a pair of unhemmed panties that match her blouse. Her shoes are also a different mold than "Ghastly's".

Clawdeen: Looking a lot sweeter than normal.

Even though the blouse is a little big, Clawdeen still looks pretty good with "Gothic's" outfit cinched a little. This outfit would probably look good on Rochelle, for that matter. She looks good in stripes and lace.

Here are Counterfeit-Clawdeen and Fakie-Frankie out of their boxes. Once again, don't be fooled. They don't have a lot of hair.
"Clawdeen's" bald spot is especially grief-worthy.
"Frankie" and "Draculaura" have it a little better, at least.
Fakie-Frankie is cute enough, but the skirt of her one-piece dress is made of some sort of terrible papery material. The off the shoulder bodice is too big for a "real" MH doll even with cinching, and is pretty scandalously short. A little DIY altering could make this into a passable asymmetrical empire-waisted top, though.
"Oh great, just what I needed. Another freaking sibling. What's your claw or howl-related punny name?"
To give you an idea about how tall these dolls are compared to "real" MH dolls, here's Counterfeit-Clawdeen next to the real deal. The Clawdeen is the BEST of this lineup, in my opinion. Her hair is poofy and that helps hide how thinly-rooted it is. Her outfit is also TWO pieces instead of one! That means...
Coming soon: Monster Junior High?
Real MH dolls can wear it! The top needs a little cinching or altering, but the skirt is perfect. (or as perfect as a mismatched length in the back can make it) You gotta admit, Clawdeen makes it look good! Gothic Girl and her slightly above average fakie-clothing are also an excellent choice, though.


  1. Purr: I find it ironic that they're ripping off FASHION dolls and gave all the girls the same shoes that don't even match their outfits.

    And that stripy outfit WOULD look good on Rochelle. It fits her whole "wrought iron lace and bars" thing.

    Do you know if they had fashion packs? I remember seeing a lot of cheap knockoff Barbie fashion packs in dollar stores sometimes...

    1. They had some cheap Barbie dress packs, but no MH packs. For $3, I think these are as good as buying fashion packs, lol.

      Well, they're bootlegs, these don't even use the mh body, so you can't have high expectations from them. They're not supposed to be high quality.

  2. I love Monster High fakies... for their general horribleness! I wish we had Dollar General or similar stores where I live -- I would totally buy at least two complete sets of Ghastly Girlfriends, one to open and one to keep complete in those fang-tastic original boxes! (Yeah, I have kind of a hoarding thing going on.) What's surprising is that there seems to be a growing market for Monster High knockoffs. On eBay the prices for the fakes sometimes rivals the prices for original MH figures!

    Anyway, I stumbled across your blog and this post today (23 December 2013) while looking for information about Monster High fakes, clones, knockoffs, and ripoffs... and I'm glad I did! Some of your comments are hilarious; I'm still snickering over that clever "Boticelli's 'Birth of Sailor Venus'" line from an earlier post!

    1. Hi Davidd! Oh I wish we got more MH fakies in the stores close to me! They have a sort of terrible charm do them, don't they? I've seen some really creative ones online that I'd like to have in my collection. Some are amazing in their awfulness, and some are actually really cool looking!

      Thanks for dropping in and commenting!

  3. They're still selling these this year, too. There are packs of three fashions, with two pairs of (non-matching) strappy-looking shoes (oddly colored a bright red and orange, respectively); and a hairbrush. The sets are priced at $4.00.

    While I do not collect MH or their "knockoff" dolls (and thus can't speak to those), the dresses do seem to fit Fashionista Barbie's acceptably well. The bright red sandal shoes fit Mattel's "Life in the Dreamhouse" red-haired, freckle-faced Midge almost perfectly; while the orange shoes oddly won't even go all the way on. I instead replace them with a set of black high-heeled ankle boots (available in select inexpensive doll fashions at Dollar Tree), and voilá!

    One thing that does bother me is, on both fashion packs I have purchased, the shoes have an oily residue on them, necessitating that they be thoroughly washed in hot water and liquid soap before using. It's messy, somewhat smelly and also leaves oil stains on the package insert background, which otherwise has a pretty purple vintage wallpaper pattern on it (and could be recycled and crafted into custom doll 'sets'). The oil (whatever it is—something used in manufacturing of the shoes) also brings up a question of safety for the little ones who are receiving these toys. Since the items were acquired months apart at different locations, it does seem to be a recurring problem.

    1. I think I've got a fashion pack like the one you describe. I tried hot soapy water, and even that didn't cut the oily, sticky, nasty residue on the shoes that came with them. I ended up tossing them. Too gross and too much trouble. I think I'd recommend against giving the icky shoes to kids to play with, too.

  4. me and my gf have a few monster high dolls and a few ever after dolls and we're forever looking for cheap outfits for them. we stumbled upon these dolls at our DG and were thinking about buying a couple to c how they worked on our dolls..we always want the barbie clothes for them but not the barbies lol.

    i think we'll eventually get some of these clothes for our dolls (we seriously need to get a few more monster high dolls bc rn we only have spectra, scarah, and draculaura..we also need more ever after dolls bc rn we only have apple, raven, and mady)..

    i've found a few real MH dolls at the goodwill but they've been horribly neglected (still, we could probably salvage a few of them and they're only 99cents usually)

    1. You might take a look around Family Dollar/Dollar General stores now that Christmas is over. FD has their $10 and up toys for half off right now, so you could find some great deals on legit Monster high and Ever After High dolls! They also have the Fairy Tale High dolls, which I grabbed a couple of. The clothing is a bit big (except the shoes, which are too small), but the Snow White set fits decently enough on the Raven doll body I tried it on. Good luck hunting!

  5. Those Gothic Girl dolls are great fun to mod. I just put up a post yesterday with pictures of my most recently modded one (you should see her!). I absolutely love those dolls. It's a shame that they only seem to be selling the pink/green/gray skinned ones now. The original ones were just human goths rather than supernatural creatures, so it didn't seem like too much of a Monster High knockoff line

  6. Gothic Girl Rules! She's back this year with flesh-toned skin purple eyeliner and lavender streaks in her hair. I prefer her to the spider fingered Monster High dolls

    1. Oh wow, I'll have to look for that one!

  7. My daughter loves EAH and just because I thought she like it I bought her a Gothic Girl ( the one like Raven ) and she loves it just as much to my surprise their wasn't a list of names for them? So we named her Angelica