Monday, September 30, 2013

Disney Store Frozen Dolls: Anna and Elsa

I made a special trip to the one town in the region that has a Disney Store just to pick up these lovely ladies. Do I regret it? Well... yes and no. Hold that thought.

We're not telling you a THING about our movie!
All the dolls in the line have the same spoiler/information-free box back showing Elsa and Anna.

It's a cold, cold, cold, cold woooooorld!
Here's Anna, freshly freed from her plastic prison. She says "hi". Anna is adorable. She looks like Heidi, or maybe like a doll from "It's a Small World". Her cap and cloak are separate pieces, and her blouse and bodice make one piece. Her flower-patterned skirt is separate.

That "shadow" is a stain from one of the mittens.

She also has teal mittens, which have a little bit of plastic inside them to keep staining of Anna's pale hands to a minimum. Her gold-patterned, pointy-toed boots have a slight heel, which makes her a little taller than Elsa when they stand side by side.
Here's Anna, minus her cold-weather gear. She had orangish-red hair in braids, with a streak of whitish-blond in her right one. Her face looks a LOT like Rapunzel's did in her movie. She also has a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks and a subtle little half-smile. The vines and flowers on her bodice have a little glitter, which seems unnecessary to me. She has green eyes (again, like Rapunzel), and if you look close, you'll notice that they have slight sculpting to enhance her eyelashes.

She's pretty photogenic.

Anna's braids, from the back.
That just looks cheap in comparison with how finished the rest of her outfit is.
I was a little disappointed to discover that the half-blouse (or whatever you'd call it) has unfinished edges, but that's my only complaint about her outfit.
*crack* "Ow! My ankles!"
Anna and Elsa both have the hard plastic jointed legs, so they can kneel. (Elsa's a queen, I'm not making a queen KNEEL!)
Of course, the problem with these legs is that there is no such thing as sitting gracefully with them. Anna gives it a decent try...
Not really, no.
But without that skirt in the way, you can see that it looks pretty ridiculous. It seems like the kind of thing that could easily have been fixed with a minor tweak to the body mold, so it surprises me that apparently no one in the test group for the fully-jointed dolls ever attempted sitting them down.

All kinds of awkward.

Here's Anna, attempting again to make this "sitting" thing work. Even if she pretends to be a catalog model, it's just not happening.
Here's Anna undressed, so you can see all of her joints. She comes with painted-on undies. You may notice that her feet are REALLY small. Those are tiny feet. You know who else has tiny feet?

J-Doll is shorter, though.
J-Doll does!
Foot twins!
In fact, their feet are almost exactly the same size!

I love that skirt.
So that means that Elsa and Anna can swipe shoes from J-Doll, and also nab shoes from ReMent sets like these! They look pretty good, too!
Anna, sporting the world's most embarrassing comb-over.
This is another unfortunate downside to Anna... her sparse rooting. I get that it was necessary to have thinner rooting to make her braids the size that they are, but sheesh! Some kids out there are going to be very unhappy when they succumb to the temptation to take out those braids!

"Here I am, all you lucky people!"
Let's take a look at Elsa. If Anna was pale, Elsa is super-pale, with a faint pinkish/lavenderish tint. Her eyes are a bluish-green color, and have a sort of exotic look with thicker painted eyelashes than Anna's. Her long super-pale blonde hair is in a single thick braid, with some feathery-looking twirls of shorter hair lining her face and adoring the top of her head. They give her a sort of bird-like quality.

There's a lot of product in them to keep them in place and in shape, but I haven't washed it out yet. It makes me think of gypsum "flower" formations that appear in some caves.  In a good way, I might add.

It could stand to be a bit thicker, though.
She seems to have better rooting than Anna, too.

The stiffness of the cape/overskirt does make it flare impressively, though.

Elsa's teal gown initially was just a clusterfluff of glitter nonsense when I looked at her in the box. Her dress has long, sheer sleeves, attached to the bodice, along with a sort of cape-like outer layer of glittery snowflakes that conceals a really beautiful dress. More glitter on the bodice, but none on the side-slit skirt. As you can see, Elsa wears matching flats. Surprisingly enough, this dress has held onto its glitter very well so far. I was expecting a sparkling apocalypse when I opened the box. All that glitter makes what should be a light, gossamer piece of the costume into a stiff, hard to manage piece I wish I could just remove at times, though.

"I'm not sulking, I'm meditating."

Like Anna, Elsa has trouble sitting gracefully.

Other than my dislike of glitter on principle, the only thing I don't like about Elsa's dress is that the "cape" also has the gap to allow for the velcro closure, and since it is a separate layer from the dress, it tends to gape open oddly. A few basting stitches may fix that minor complaint, though.
Here are the girls together. Again, Anna's heels are what's making her look taller in the pic.My final analysis is this: Anna disappoints me to an extent. She frankly looks more like Rapunzel than any Disney Store release OF Rapunzel has, and her creative combover hides a set of large bald spots that may be hard to disguise if her hair is ever taken out of its factory 'do. Her outfit is beautiful, but it's probably just as well those mittens are sure to get lost, because they'll stain her hands. It would have been nice to have had some finishing/lining on the cape, but for a $16 doll she does come with a lot of clothing pieces. (Hat, cloak, mittens, top, skirt, shoes)

Elsa on the other hand, comes with only a one piece dress (plus shoes), but comes across as a better doll to me. She appears more distinct than Anna, and her hair (although stiff in places) doesn't seem nearly as disappointing. The more I examine Elsa, the more impressed I am by her dress and her casually-elegant looks.It would have been nice to have had more accessories to put her on equal ground with Anna in that regard.

It will be interesting to see how the general release dolls compare to these two.


  1. Purr: According to the trailer at one point Anna's hair turns solid white. They didn't give any indication WHY though.

    1. I haven't seen that trailer yet. Huh, it'll be interesting to find out why that happened.

  2. I saw these for the first time today at Books A Million, but they did not have the articulated kind. The one thing I noticed is their GINORMOUS eyes. They were very attractive and well done, but just so ... huge.

    Thanks for this post on the articulated girls.

    1. I think I saw those at TRU yesterday, along with a "two in one" castle!