Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Teen Beach Movie and clothes for Pepper

Clearance is still going on here at Wal-Mart, and while the 1D dolls have barely moved, they're just about the only dolls that haven't. Yesterday evening the stock refreshed, bringing out "Disney Teen Beach Movie" dolls from some misbegotten corner of the store room. I can guarantee you that these dolls were on the sales floor for the first time since arriving in the store.

The Muppet Babies had smaller heads, proportionately.
They're singing dolls, which surprised me a little since they're marked $20 (I paid $5 each). The 1D singing dolls are marked $30 (really $7.50), for comparison.

The other thing that surprised me was the size of their heads. Good gravy, LOOK at those things!
Even Oscar is put off! I'm not sure why these dolls have such mammoth heads. It would nearly be understandable if they were good likenesses of the kids they depict, but they're really not. Not even close.

Disney presents: Something that looks similar to "Grease"!
Here they are, free of all their packaging. Each of them comes with a really cool vintage-style standing mic, a pair of sunglasses, and a hair care item. I love that the boy's comb is giant wacky novelty size. It looks like he bought it at one of those giant truckstops that has five kinds of slurpee machines and a gift shop. Here's another thing these kids have in common with Oscar Diggs besides hydrocephalia... their legs don't bend and they have no wrist articulation. Oh, and they can't stand unassisted. They have very decent hair, though.

So who can steal their clothes?

Beyond trailer park trashy!
Liv can't get the gal's bandanna-patterned shirt to close, and just barely can squeeze into these skin-tight stretch pants with oversize belt. The shoes fit nicely, though.

Greaser gorgeous!
While the shoes are a little big, the boy's entire outfit looks great on Liv! Daniela looks ready to rumble!

"Don't take a picture of me like this!"
Monster High would find the outfit too big and the shoes too small, but Ever After High can wear the girl's pants, if you don't mind them looking a little loose. (Somehow Raven summoned a supernova-level flash for this picture)

"Nothing really fits me, except maybe these shoes!"
The shoes fit Pinkie Cooper dolls like they were made for them, if a little bit on the tippy-toe side. Incidentally, Disney Fairies dresses are too big in the bodice for Pinkie and friends, and just barely fit around their hips!

This look is adorable on her, if a little over-sized.
This 2010 Bratz dress looks pretty good and closes okay in the back (just a little bit of gap), but the bodice is, once again, too big.

"I'm HOT BLOODED! Check it and see! I GOT A FEVER of 103!"
Heath Burns has escaped from his box, and has been loving the microphones, though. He's working pretty hard on getting Marceline to form a band with him.

Turns out yeti chicks dig singers. Who knew?


  1. Purr:

    Lol, I forget what it was about, but I've had Abbey's voice stuck in my head all day. I think it's a remnant of a dream or something; I have a vague recollection of something going on and the other girl's asking if Abbey was looking forward to it and she was just sort of "Eh" about it but then she gets this amused smirk and says "But Heath is bouncing and squealing like excited bunny."

    1. Lol, Heath is an excited flame-bunny.