Friday, August 30, 2013

La Dee Da Garden Tea Party playset

Oh my gosh you guys, I have been bad this week. While the local Wal-Mart has not added anything to its clearance table (1D dolls are STILL there!), that doesn't mean I haven't been spending money.

A trip to a neighboring town led me to another Wal-Mart with a very picked over aisle of clearance. The only thing I brought home with me from this trip was THIS:

Nii's got that nefarious look again.
Yep, that's the La Dee Da Garden Tea Party playset, and yep, it was only $5! I had my doubts about this thing as I stood in line with the rest of the Labor Day traffic, but home it came.

Here's the back of the box, showing all the 40+ pieces. (No dolls) The gimmick here is that you're supposed to use the dry erase markers, stickers, felt cut-outs and the magic of imagination to customize your own version of the set. You know, I want to like the La Dee Da dolls, but with their limited articulation and really pointy chins, I just can't quite get into them.
This is the most adorable barcode I think I've ever seen.

So much STUFF!

The box opens easily, giving you access to the taped and tied-in pieces. The tape is fantastic. It pulled right off the inner box surface without leaving so much as a sticky spot. I like when you can salvage the box background.

Here's the stuff that's visible from the outer window: A turquoise lamppost, stickers, folding dessert boxes and a pinwheel-type craft, punch-out lanterns, most of a chair, two sets of utensils in turquoise and hot pink, and the two dry erase markers. Under the pile o' other stuff, you find two decently-weighted, UV coated cardboard backdrop pieces. Each side reflects a time of day so you can stage your Godzilla-sized tea party during the day...
Or night...
Beds are probably not the most stable surface to have tea parties on, though. Especially ones prone to random cat photobombs. Other included pieces include:

Punch-out paper flags...
Some-assembly-required trees and cut out props, instructions and felt cut-outs (I think I'll leave these in the bag)...
The rest of the furniture pieces, and a baggie of plastic party props. This bag also includes stands for the cut-out trees and topiary, as well as pieces for the pinwheel-thing.
I can't get over the plates having little holes in them. The look like 80's-tastic toy records.
The instructions are pretty easy to follow, but I'm not messing with that pinwheel. Thanks.
Now here's something odd.. This set is for a TEA party, right? Not surprisingly, it comes with a teapot. Know what it doesn't come with? Teacups. That's right, you have one table, two chairs, plates and cutlery for FOUR, but not a teacup to be had. The instructions dare suggest that you can pop the flowers out of the teapot and use THAT as a teacup.

Why is it always night when I put stuff like this together? Anyway, here's the table and chairs, with the lamppost and backdrop.

The chairs are too short for Monster High dolls to sit at without tucking their legs to the side... or just hogging both chairs as Heath has. Heath, this is just one of the reasons why you have trouble getting dates.
But with legs swept out to the side or stretched out in front, the MH crew can manage these. They look best in closeup shots.
"No thanks, I'm barely managing to sit down in this dress as it is!"
"My... my fondue is looking at me..."
It might be heart-shaped, but the table has plenty of room for lots of toy food and a couple of place settings. I'm a little mystified why there are four place settings, though. Maybe they're extras for when some of these pieces inevitably get lost?

At any rate, I'd say that this is a great value for the price I paid. It might be a little underwhelming at full retail, though. There are many disposable pieces, along with tiny pieces that will immediately get lost. The lack of cups and at least some sort of molded plastic dessert offering is puzzling as well. Two cake display platform plates are included.. but not a single cake? Just a cake box you have to assemble?

I also can't help but wonder how badly the dry-erase marker would stain doll clothes. (And furniture. And carpet. And pets... pretty much everything.) But for what it is, and for just $5, I'm satisfied with it.


  1. Purr: I just NOW noticed Nii's got gloves now! ^^;

    1. Those are actually from "I <3 Shoes" Draculaura! I think this is the first time I'm photographed her with them on, lol.