Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Danielle's biker photo shoot

Danielle is still rocking the biker leather today, and swiped Eugene's motorcycle for a quick spin around one of the local parks. 

Upon arrival, we had to act fast to secure a good spot on the creek shore. The park is very popular, especially during nice weather.

There were some teenagers downstream a little ways, but they didn't much care what we were up to. 

It was a nice afternoon.


  1. Purr:

    Aw, pretty!

    I saw that Beach Movie doll at Walmart and seriously considered getting him so Blade could have a spare jacket. Maybe if he's still there tomorrow... I don't think our store is as discounted as yours, though. :\

    1. That jacket would be enormous on your custom Blade. It's an almost perfect fit for Liv. I'll put SS and Nii in it tonight so you can see.