Sunday, August 18, 2013

Clearance Day 2013!

You may remember my post last year about the Clearance Extravaganza that happened at my local Wal-Mart. During that feeding frenzy, I got 21 dolls for just a little over 42 dollars. The store has started purging old stock in August to make room for the toy section holiday reset, and now that I know about when it happens, I've dubbed the phenomenon "Clearance Day". I say "day" because although the sale lasts until everything is gone, the good stuff goes FAST.

This year I didn't do quite so well, but I did get some nice stuff! Rapunzel got a single thing this year, a long-abandoned Liv bowling accessory set. She doesn't bowl, but the black and pink sneakers are nice!

"$5!? I'm worth more than that on my own!"

The "largest" item I got was the Monster High Coffin Bean playset. Regularly $30 or so, I got it for $5. I really like this version of Clawdeen, but never had a use for the playset. So now I own Clawdeen, and I've sold the rest of the set to someone over at the MH community.Yay for me, yay for them, everybody's happy! I think there was more MH out earlier that day based on something one of my fellow shoppers was saying, but this set and some iPhone covers was all the MH out when I got there at noon.

Nii frolics in stolen clothing.
I also got some Bratzillaz. These two Megana's and a couple of Chloe's were all that was left. I don't care for Chloe's bi-color scheme much, so I left her. The Magic Night Out Meg was $3.35, The Basic Meg was $1.95 or so. I also nabbed a Disney Fairies fashion pack for $1.75 and a pair of Hello Kitty Megablocks blind backs. I got the gardener and the swim versions. Nii has, as you can see, already begun plundering outfits like it's going out of style. Basic Meg thinks she's safe because Nii's already prancing around in Magic Night Out's outfit (did you know that dress is one piece? I was disappointed!)
"I made it work!"

Basic Meg's dress isn't as forgiving when cinched as MNO Meg's, but Nii's getting around it by wearing that frilly tulle collar as an overskirt. With all those wings, she looks like a really weird stewardess.

Both MNO and Basic Meg have MUCH nicer hair than my basic Meg does. Both these new dolls have soft, silky hair. Somewhere around here, there's also a Winx accessory set that I bought for the yellow dress boots.
Best friends.
 I also bought some Novi Stars. Novi's have had two big problems. One is their limited articulation. They're more like nice desk accessories than dolls or action figures. Ones like Tula (left) can only move their head and arms. (Careful, those arms can and will fall out!) Newer ones like Malie (right) have articulation added at the hip. Malie's gimmick (stretchy, glow in the dark arms) means she has no arm articulation, though.
Ari Roma's stand doesn't fit her.

The second problem Novi's have had is their price. For $20, there isn't a lot to them. You get a glow in the dark stand that *might* hold them up, a pet figure, an utterly useless brush, and the doll/figure itself. Compare that to a deluxe Monster High doll, which is fully articulated, may come with a plastic stand (some do, some don't), a brush, a pet (signature releases), a diary booklet, and a few other accessories, and it's just no contest. $7-10 is more in line for what I'd expect to pay for these. I paid $3.25 each for the Novi Stars in this post (including Una, who is still in her box), and $1.75 each for the three fashion packs for them.
Mae's antennae have already been lost.
They're really cute, but they probably won't get a lot of play. Since they're so small, they also can't share clothes, except with each other. Mae here is wigged, which the rest of the dolls have rooted hair. Since Mae's hair comes off, she has fallen victim to Nii's new apprentice...
Now we have the hair thief to worry about, along with the clothes thief!
Pepper Parsons, from Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets. Pepper's just barely too big to wear Novi clothes or shoes, but with a clear rubber band to keep it steady, she wears Mae's teal tresses like a champ.
Here's Pepper with her own ears/hair in.

All told, I definitely spent more this Clearance Day than I did last year. I'm still suspicious that the Bratzillaz beach line dolls are supposed to be out on clearance, but I'm not wild enough about any of them to press the matter. I'll definitely have to do a review of Pepper later, she's the new purchase I'm the most thrilled about right now!


  1. I have Ginger and she's just so cute XD

    Great haul though! I love seeing your clearance day extravaganza XD

    1. The Pinkie Cooper dolls are just tremendously adorable! It's like they rolled Cutie Pops (changeable hair), Littlest Pet Shop (dog characters) and fashion dolls together into one item!

  2. Hi there,

    I realise I am kind of late with commenting here, but I still wanted to share: I have just recently found your blog, and I read through several posts during the weekend. This one has got to be my favourite though, because of the hair thief pic and its text - it cracked me up XD and it still does whenever its vision randomly comes up in my mind. Thanks a lot for the giggles and fun I had because of that pic in the past few days ^^

    Also, Pepper has got to be my favourite Pinkie Cooper doll - that said, I have yet to own her. Sadly these dolls never made it to my country, and now that they are discontinued they are even more difficult to track down for a reasonable price with shipping added. Dang, why do I always have to be late with realising I am interested in a (discontinued, even!) doll line? Pinkie Cooper is not the first I do this with... *sigh*

    Loona @MHA