Saturday, August 10, 2013

A New Dress that's Twice as Nice!

I've been hitting the local thrift shop again after a self-imposed exile of about a week, and they're finally getting some toys in again. (YAY!)

I found a much-battered blonde singing doll in a box of stuffed toys, and bought her for her clothes. I'm sure she's supposed to be someone, but I'm not up on my country(?) singers enough to have any clue who she is. Anyway, her reversible dress was in okay shape, other than some stains on the white side of it. I've taken the Clorox bleach pen to it and sent it through the washing machine once in a sock with some Oxy-Clean, but they haven't faded much.

"Am... Am I wearing a Moxie Teenz belt on my head?!"
The good news is that unless she's in direct light, they don't really show up much! The lavender belt on this side of the dress seems to have a flaw. One end is at waist level, but the other is practically up under her armpit.

"Hello, Mr. Butterfly!"
It does look very princess-y, though. So much so, that Rapunzel didn't even have to sing to charm some wildlife into coming close.

"Bring back a weedeater, Mr. Butterfly!"
Big clumsy me scared the butterfly away by coming in for a closer look, though.

This is the second side of the dress, a corseted-looking lavender affair that looks much more like something Punzie would wear, if she does say so herself. The ribbon at the waist looks like it's supposed to be in a bow, but that's easy enough to fix. There is a small tear in the irridescent underskirt, but I think some fraycheck or some fabric glue can fix that.
"You're... letting me near one of these again? ME?"
I was curious to see if the dress and it's power over woodland creatures would allow Rapunzel to sit for a portrait with my (very naughty) male cat, Finn. As you can see, he was quite incredulous that I was letting him be near one of my dolls after he had previously gotten in trouble for chewing the hand up on another one.
After a moment or two, his curiosity got the better of him, and he started investigating Punzie's bodice. This brought an end to our experiment quickly.

Still.. not bad for a $.65 investment!


  1. The dress is from Barbies Rapunzal take....... Still have the AA version of that doll.

    1. Oh, awesome! It's nice to finally know where it came from. Thanks!