Sunday, July 7, 2013

Shameless Flirt

Well, I've run out of donor bodies to experiment on, so we're diving straight in with my full-body repaint.

This go 'round the method lineup is as follows: sanding, wipe down with acetone, panic upon noticing the acetone is eating through part of the plastic and immerse in water, sand off acetone-shiny spots and smooth eaten spots the next day, and we're going with a light dusting of primer, followed by a once-over with white paint pens around the joints, then a few very light coats of Krylon. We'll see how that goes.

My budget is not allowing for more $10/can spray paint, or I'd have nabbed a can of the paint for vinyl/plastic from the auto parts store. (Woe!)

Meanwhile, Nii is playing dress-up with my existing MH wardrobe. She is very disappointed in the lack of purple choices, but she's soldiering on regardless.

She looks like a barely-appropriate substitute teacher.

Nii, that is NOT what I had in mind when I purchased that desk.


  1. Purr:

    The whole classroom setting... I suddenly have this mental image of another of Emmett's dreams... and there's Presto being wildly inappropriate... meanwhile it's a dream Presto and the real Presto is just standing back watching and laughing maniacally...

    1. That sounds way too perfect. Emmett's bound to have dreams like that every night!