Saturday, July 27, 2013

Only Hearts Club for Monster High, and a look at some Equestria Girls

Made a special trip out to one of the Not!Local towns today, all because I had a dream about finding some new Monster High dolls where the "monster" part of their theme was cranked up. Instead of wild, over the top party outfits, these dolls were done as just being "more monster-y". The Abbey in the set was amazing, she was on the "older" body style, and instead of glittery cyan skin, she had lightly pearly white skin. Her hair was super-long, and was a mixture of white and pale, pale cyan with faint streaks of darker cyan/blue, purple, and light, light pink. She had a long, floor length white fur coat, too. I don't remember the rest of her outfit, as the coat covered it up. There was also a pretty amazing Lagoona in the lineup, iirc.

Anyway, I knew I wasn't going to find THOSE dolls, but thought I might find something really cool. I made a trip to the Tuesday Morning store, and found another Only Hearts Club doll, which I bought to test the theory that Monster High could wear their pants. Also there was a very sweet backpack.
"Today's victim... Uh-Visitor! Yes!"
Truth time. The backpack is what convinced me to buy this particular doll.
Such a cool backpack. Almost worth the $7 for the set, right there!
Seriously, the little drawstring works, there are mesh pockets on the sides.. if you somehow suffered a tv cliche and were shrunk down to doll size, you could really use this backpack!

D'awww.. now imagine him as a red panda. D'AWWWWWWWW!
Oh, and also I bought a LHC raccoon. I'm pondering taking markers to him and turning him into a red panda.

Left the hat on the LHC doll, Lily Rose. (Her parents must like flowers.) I didn't much care for her face (more freckles than I like), but thought the little braids woven into her hair were a nice touch.
"I'm a clothes thief!"
So here's Nii in Lily's clothes. Everything looks pretty good at first, other than the unhemmed cuffs on her sleeves.
One size does NOT fit all!
But here's the bad news. The top is just as huge as the nightshirt from the previous set was, and you're doubling it over a LOT to get it to hang "right". And as you can see, the LHC pants fit about the same as Bratz ones.. that is, they're a little short in the crotch, which means that if you try to get your MH doll (or body) seated, the back waistband ends up sliiiiiiiding down until the velcro pops open.

Oh well, it's nice to have an extra option, I guess. I think I can take in the top a bit.. or maybe just relocate that velcro!

More victims! Er... Visitors!

I also (finally) found some of the Equestria Girls dolls at Toys R Us. I found them to be a bit overpriced (especially the slim box dolls, who only have a skirt instead of a full dress/outfit!), but interesting. While chatting about them on the phone with a friend, she mentioned that she thought Twilight would work for a custom idea she has. I mentioned being kind of interested in the other doll in the box, and so we're splitting this pack. (Yay!)

You can see in the box that both dolls come with a full dress, shoes, earrings, an additional accessory and the crown that they're fighting over in the movie. The background of the box is pretty cool, and features the colors/cutie mark of each character.

The sides of the box have a crown, flanked on each side by the girls' cutie marks. Sunset Shimmer's mark looks like a fiery sun/yin-yang, which I think is a really cool design.

The back of the box has movie art of the characters, and a brief synopsis of what's going on with this crown business in the film. You'll note that their outfits in the art aren't similar to what the dolls wear. I think Twilight has another doll that has a more movie-accurate look, but I believe that this is the only release so far for Sunset Shimmer.
"Release us!"
The background card and attached dolls slides easily out of the box.
The back of the card looks a bit intimidating until you realize you can just unwind the twine on the flower-like pieces securing the dolls by the neck. Then you just slide their arms free and snip the clear elastic bands holding the doll to the backing. Easy!

"Once again, Twilight Sparkle, I escape you!"
Here's Sunset Shimmer, looking like a biker rock star princess from the 80's. She has a faux leather jacket (held closed with a single basting stitch, an easy removal), a shiny shiny metallic dress, and heavy-duty boots with lots of buckles. Sunset Shimmer also has bi-color hair, an odd, yellow leg, flames on her right thigh and under her right eye, and flames on her right boot.

Those are stompin' boots if I ever saw some.
The shoes on these dolls are all very interesting, some of them have nearly as much detail as Monster High shoes. The heels of Shimmer's boots look like unicorn horns.

"Once again, Twilight, you see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away!"

The crown can fit either doll, and is cleverly designed to curl around the erect "pony ears" atop their heads. (No, there are no "human" ears on the sides of their heads). Oddly enough, the legs on the dolls in this set do not bend. At all. Ever. That was a little disappointing, as I thought they would be Barbie-like in that aspect. The deluxe doll sets have articulated joints at the elbows and knees, it would have been nice to have had that here in the "giftset dolls".
"Jerk, I will HARM you...!"
So then a brawl broke out over who got to wear the Pretty Pretty Princess crown.
"Hi folks, pay no attention to the massive head trauma behind me..."
Twilight won, handily.

Twilight's doll is really pretty. Her purple hair has lilac and pinkish tones interspersed throughout. She wears a sleeveless dress with tulle overskirt, with a pattern of purple and plum diamonds. Her boots have silver bows on the toes, and her smile is bright and engaging. Though her knees don't bend, she has a good enough range of motion to putt off some winning poses.
Both dolls have a slot in their back with allows them to wear the single set of wings in the package.
It's a better fit than my 1980's flutter pony's wings, that's for sure. Adding the wings, you'll notice, brings out the pale gold in Twilight's dress.
Biker chic?
Opening up Sunset Shimmer's jacket reveals that it is unlined, and her designer probably worked for Jem and the Holograms sometime in the 80's.
Unlike Twilight, Shimmer can walk like an Egyptian... sort of.
Taking off her jacket reveals two things. One, her dress is short sleeved, unlike Twilight's. Two, she actually has articulation in her arms!? I had assumed that her stiff-feeling arms were molded in the position they were in when in the box, but they actually do bend at the elbow. I checked Twilight again just to be sure she wasn't hiding something, but she doesn't have this feature. (Why not!?)
Cirque du Soleil escapee, coming through!
Adding the gold wings to Shimmer does her no favors. They just look over the top on her.

Both girl's dresses are only finished at the top edge, which is rather a shame. I can foresee Sunset's dress being prone to fraying with that metallic fabric.

"Ahh! Shimmer, you've got a yellow leg?!"
"Jealous, much?"
Undressed, you can appreciate another unique feature of these dolls.. they each have their own distinct torso mold! No idea if the other deluxe dolls share molds with these two, but I wouldn't be surprised. Twilight's wearing a molded-on bustier type top that works with her sleeveless dress. Shimmer has a cami.
Hand me downs
They have pegged legs and can share shoes with Bratz dolls. Monster High clothes are a bit big on them.
"Go... team?"
Bratz clothes are a bit hit and miss. I don't know for sure, but I think that top is from a "Lil' Bratz" doll.
The 'Laundry Day" look.
Some Bratz skirts seem to work, but tops seem a bit big. Moxie Girls shoes can also fit.
Almost a passable outfit!
This Chelsea clone dress makes a cute top and fits pretty well, and this particular pair of jeans fit almost perfectly. The Moxie rain boots look pretty good, too.
"Gimme my dress back!"
"Aw, you weren't wearing it, it was just laying there!"
Equestria Girls dresses *can* fit Monster High, but they are VERY short.
Very. Short. There's some kind of Botticelli "Birth of Sailor Venus" thing going on, here.
"That's PRINCESS biker chick to you, buster!
Twilight is keeping Shimmer's coat. It's an odd, yet good look.
Here's the rest of the loot, plus a random hairbrush. Each doll gets a photo card, a pair of earrings, and an extra accessory. Shimmer got a saddlebag/fanny pack that has a slot in the top that you might get one of her earrings in. Twilight got a purse that doesn't open. There's also a pony-decorated brush, a sheet of stickers, and a booklet showing the other dolls in the line. I'm disappointed that Rarity apparently didn't get a deluxe doll.
"I'm keeping your coat."
Here are both girls with their extras. You'll have to take my word for it that Shimmer is wearing her flaming sun earrings.
"Seriously, you're not getting this thing back."
The earrings just hook onto the ears. Twilight's are designed very cleverly to fit with her crown. Shimmer's work okay with it, but not as awesomely.

I'm fairly pleased overall with the set. I am disappointed that only one doll had additional articulation, and that their legs don't bend. Being able to swap clothes between smaller dolls is good, but you're pretty limited as to what you can swap with, due to their size. I'm also a little baffled as to why the one yellow leg on Sunset Shimmer. I get that it balances out her two-tone hair, but really? A yellow LEG? Couldn't we have given her a cheap stocking or something?

The dolls are VERY cute, and very fun to pose and play with, though. The unique outfits and shoes help breathe more personality into them.

I think I'm done buying Only Hearts Club clothes for Monster High. I do love that backpack, though. And it looks like I'm not the only one.
"AGHH! Hitchhiker!"


  1. Purr: About the Velcro; for that lilac colored ballet dress, I just folded the Velcro over the material and tacked it down. That worked pretty well. It caused some bunching up around the waist, put if you fluff the skirt out a little, it's not too noticeable.

    (I forget how much you know about sewing; tack means just put in a couple of stitches just to hold it in place. I think. That's what mom means when she uses the term, anyway. ^^;)

  2. Oh man, I'm going to have to go see what I can see at TRU today!!!

  3. That "Boticelli 'Birth of Sailor Venus' thing" line is TOO funny! Your blog is hilarious, I'm glad I discovered it today!