Monday, July 22, 2013

Nii's New Shoes (Bratzillaz Fashion Pack test)

Bratzillaz shoes fit Monster High very well, from what I've seen. The clothes... not so much. It's a combination of "too big around" and "too short" for everything but the jacket sleeves. Those are some LONG jacket sleeves.

This hat is just terrible, but I may keep the stretchy headband.

Fun fact: I actually put the "pet clothes" on Nii as well as the doll clothes, in an attempt to hide some gap. They still gap.

The skirt has this odd drape thing coming off the side, which doesn't compliment the weird bunched up way it's sewn at all.

These boots are fantastic, though! I found a basket of 2/$1 Barbie and Barbie-knockoff clothing at a thrift store while I was out, and picked up a few things, like this pair of shorts with the HUGE Barbie tag. I think these must be Skipper's, because I don't think Barbie could get them on.

The fit on them is great for Monster High bodies, though.

I think this "skirt" is actually a one piece dress with a Barbie tag, but it's a bit big for Nii. It makes a decent MH skirt.

These knockoff doll shorts are a little too big for Nii, but maybe they'll fit a MH male?

Nii also got a bunny! (the purse is from the Bratzillaz pack at top) I don't know what the bunny is from, but he now lives with Nii and her dragon on the shelf.

This is what "spoiled" looks like.


  1. What an adorable photo shoot! She looks like she enjoyed trying everything on.

    1. She is an awful, spoiled little beast. XD