Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bed (and Bath?) Time for Nii

"Yay! I escaped from the store room!"
A trip to one of the Tuesday Morning stores I'm not really close enough to recently revealed that they'd come up with a shipment of Only Hearts Club dolls from somewhere. I vaguely recall seeing these on the shelf at Wal-Mart, but that's about it. I'd heard that their clothing fit Monster High, and for $7, I was willing to take a risk. Not too big of a risk, because I know my luck, but a risk nonetheless.

Olivia was the doll who ended up coming home with me, since I reasoned that if her clothes were too big, a pajama shirt would be an okay thing to have in the too big range of clothing.

I was also intrigued by her bag full of bath stuff. There was another doll with a really nice looking backpack, but I noticed that the edges on her shirt looked unfinished, and I found that cheap. Olivia's package was missing its protective plastic sleeve, so I was able to ascertain that her shirt seemed to be finished at least at the collar and tail.

Looking fashionable, Nii.
As you can see, Nii still hasn't gotten a haircut yet. She has had emergency horn treatments, though. I discovered that the Liquitex varnish I'd used to seal her horns had gone gooey, letting her hair stick to them and pull the paint free. Her horns are not removable, so I ended up having to patch them up and then coat them with spray gloss sealant.

They seem to be holding steady now, but I check them every day. I've started work on her counterpart, Ree, and you'd better believe his horns are getting the full spa treatment before I begin putting hair on him!

There was just screaming, fuming and cursing during this process, I don't mind telling you. Screaming because one of my cats likes to get into everything and knocked Nii off the countertop at one point ("NOOOO! BAD KITTY!"), fuming because I couldn't believe I'd been dumb enough to leave the sealing to the Liquitex, and cursing because I varnished my hands, the plastic I was using as a hairnet TO the horns, and just... lots of stuff going everywhere.

Good, clean, wholesome and fun-loving?
Here's Olivia, free of her cardboard prison. You can see that she has vinyl hands and a vinyl head, and all the rest of her is a soft plush over a wire armature that allows for limited posing. Her hair is in a crimped style that reminds me of my trendy friends in the 80's, but has a very nice, soft texture. She also has teeny tiny little inset eyes that are decently lifelike. She seems like a lovely girl... let's rob her of all her stuff!

"I'm like Robin Hood! I steal clothes and give them to myself!"
As I suspected, Olivia's nightgown is a bit big on Nii, but like I said, you probably want that in a nightgown. She also had a pair of panties that match the nightgown, which were a perfect fit on Nii! Only Hearts Club pants *might* fit Monster High bodies really well, if they're long enough!

What's in the bag?
Here's the rest of the loot. The fuzzy purple bathrobe has a little inset panel around the neck that matches the nightgown. The belt is loose, and not attached to the robe.

That's a lot of accessories!
I had to know what was in that bath bag. In the outer mesh pocket was a little foam yellow duck. Rolled up in the main part of the bag as a purple washcloth and a heart-shaped sponge. Is a sponge redundant when you have a scrubby poof? This bag was amazing. The little drawstrings on it really work!

Good, clean, but perhaps not so wholesome.
Snipping a couple of threads unrolled the towel on Olivia's head to show it was a big, triangular piece that will actually fit around Nii's head with no problems. Isn't she adorable in this? She couldn't wear those fuzzy bunny slippers to save her life, though. Maybe I can find her some purple Monster High ones?

"This is my uniform for the weekend!"
Meanwhile, Nii thinks wearing heels to lounge around makes her look sophisticated and glamorous. Who am I to tell her different?

"Finally, shoes I really like!"
Don't worry about those bunny slippers though, someone else has already claimed them. It took some doing, but Rapunzel got them on her feet. She won't take them off. Something about sinful comfort.

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